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Myths of Vegas

  • September 8, 2019
  • By Nick Vincent
Myths of Vegas

Las Vegas is a mythical place, unlike anywhere else in the entire world. With over the top hotels and resorts and an unlimited number of attractions, it’s no wonder that this magical town has given rise to a number of myths about this unbelievable destination.

Myth #1 – Las Vegas is not family-friendly

If you’ve ever been to Vegas and seen a family wandering around and thought to yourself that they’d be better off at Disneyland, think again. Las Vegas has plenty of kid-friendly activities and many of the attractions that are appealing to adults are great for kids as well. You’ll find kids admiring the fountains of Bellagio, looking for souvenirs at the M&M store, riding the roller coaster at the New York – New York Hotel, enjoying rides at the Adventuredome Theme Park, splashing around in the pool at their hotel, bowling, checking out the aquarium, and so many more activities.


Myth #2 – Vegas is for non-stop partying

You may have been able to tell by myth #1, but there is so much more to Vegas than just partying. This may have been more accurate several decades ago, but it’s pretty far from the truth today. If you’re looking for a party then you’re guaranteed to find it, however people come to Vegas to gamble, see shows or concerts, to go shopping, eat at some incredible restaurants, or even just to hang out by the pool. Vegas is a place for all types of people with all different interests.

Myth #3 – The only thing to see in Vegas is the Strip

This is completely false. Though many tourists never step off the 4.2 mile long Las Vegas Strip, there is more to see beyond the shiny lights. Las Vegas was built in the middle of the desert, and there is a bustling outdoor scene around the city that is only a short drive away. You can take a cruise on Lake Mead, rent a bike and go out to Red Rock Canyon, go golfing, hiking, zip-lining and more.

Myth # 4 – Only has-beens perform in Las Vegas

This popular myth is actually not true. There are many talented performers that have residencies at different Las Vegas venues who are at the height of their careers. For example, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are just a few of the famous artists performing in 2017.

Myth # 5 – People only go to Vegas to gamble

The list of activities to do in Vegas goes on and on. People travel to Vegas all the time that have no interest in gambling of any type, whether at a brick and mortar casino or an online casino. So whether or not you’re a gambler, an outdoor enthusiast, a family person or a partier, you’re destined to find some activities you’re interested in at this multifaceted tourist destination.

By Nick Vincent, September 8, 2019