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Best Budget Friendly Destinations Around the World

  • March 15, 2023
  • By Nick Vincent
Best Budget Friendly Destinations Around the World

The absolute truth is that we live in a pretty amazing world. From the Far East to Los Angeles and from the Northern Lights to New Zealand, there’s something gorgeous to see and experience in every single place on Earth.

The best part about it? You really don’t have to break the bank to reap all the benefits travelling can offer – especially not when there are so many exciting places to see on a low-budget.

What are the best ones to visit this year? Read on and find out more about the best budget friendly destinations around the world!



Charming, full of color and truly spiritual, India is the kind of place that changes you for life. From the Taj Mahal looking down on the Ganges, to the most delicious curry you’ll ever have, India is a place of extremes and of a continuous teaching-and-learning experience. There’s nothing here not to amaze you – not even the things that are completely different from anything in the Western world. There’s nothing here you will simply pass by and never remember again. This is a place of contradictions that draws its excitement from life itself!


Curious to experience a less-travelled-to country in Asia? Try Vietnam! With a long and haunting history behind it, with landscapes that are unforgettable from all points of view and with a lot of touristic attractions you’ll surely love, this Asian destination is a budget-friendly, tourist-friendly place you will want to come back to at least once more!



Speaking of less-travelled-to countries, Hungary has its ways of conquering its tourists’ souls. These are a people who love good life, who like partying and who are proud of their history as well. Once part of one of the greatest European Empires, Hungary welcomes its tourists with a lively touch, with a great variety of delicious foods and with plenty of Central European attractions you will definitely love! In many ways, Hungary is one of the best low-budget destinations on the Old Continent – and you will definitely agree to this once you visit it!


Moving to the “New Continent”! If you ever wanted to experience South America Argentina will be more than happy to show you its beauties. Low-cost, friendly and really interesting from many points of view, Argentina is a flamboyant destination that will infuse you with a real thirst for life’s finest treasures – and you can easily experience all this with less than $25/ day! If you’re up for some crazy parties, for meeting people who are genuinely warm by nature, for experiencing a culture that’s all about living life to the fullest, Argentina will be just perfect for you!


Looking for something more traditional and unique in South America? Bolivia will be such an amazing destination for you! Frequently referred to as the “Tibet of the Americas”, Bolivia will feel quite remote and rather isolated from many points of view. Once you reach it, though, you will discover amazing history, stunning architecture and absolute uniqueness. From the cool mountainside La Paz to the warmer Oruro and the UNESCO protected presentation of indigenous cultures just 3 hours out of La Paz, there’s something for every type of tourist here!

New York

New York may not seem like a budget-friendly destination. However, contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of cheap attractions for the average tourist on a budget. Coney Island, among many, is one of the best attractions for tourists who want to see an iconic New York attraction without breaking the bank. The Instagram famous dine at plenty of restaurants daily that can also be experienced on a budget. Here is a list of the most Instagrammed restaurants in New York that are also appear on some budget dining lists.

By Nick Vincent, March 15, 2023