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Top 3 Unique Destinations To Propose

  • January 4, 2024
  • By Nick Vincent
Top 3 Unique Destinations To Propose

Proposing is a big decision and a wonderful moment, so it’s very important to get it right. Sadly, a lot of the most romantic places in the world – the Trevi Fountain, the Eiffel Tower, have become such a cliche that you really have to think about where you want to propose. Don’t worry, we’ve found a top three suggestions that haven’t made it onto the global map of romantic cliches just yet. If you’re not quite ready to propose, but want to get your girlfriend something special, why don’t you try a personalised necklace. Happy proposing!

The cliffs of Moher, Ireland

If you’ve been struggling to find a location with enough drama to really offset any of those stunning engagement rings you had to choose from, your problem is solved at the cliffs of Moher. Towering out of the ocean on the west coast of Ireland, the view is spectacular and you will feel like you are in a very atmospheric period drama. They also offer a lovely amount of privacy and time with your beloved; the walk up to the cliffs will be perfect to enjoy each other’s company and set the mood, and the walk back down allows you some time to just enjoy each other’s company before the world throws itself back at you.

Orange tree garden, Aventine hill, Rome

Abelini jewelry wasn’t meant for shrinking violets, and an engagement ring from them deserves a backdrop as meaningful and romantic as it is. This spot can be busy at the wrong time of day, but a romantic after-dinner walk to this grove of orange trees that overlooks the ancient city of Rome will provide all the romance ad beauty of Rome and none of the cliche. 

In a hot air balloon

One of the most spectacular views in the world can be had floating over Cappadocia, Turkey in a hot air balloon. The fairytale landscape is enchanting and ethereal, the perfect venue for a romantic moment. In fact, any moment in a hot air balloon is enchanting and ethereal – and those baskets are bigger than you’d think, so there will be plenty of space to get down on one knee. You do have to be extremely sure that they’re going to say yes if you choose this option though – a lengthy balloon ride after a rejected proposal is not something anyone should put themselves through.

From Ireland to Rome to the big blue sky, there’s romance to be found in every corner of our blue and green marble – you just have to think outside the box (or the basket).

By Nick Vincent, January 4, 2024