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Why your laptop needs cleaning?

  • May 18, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
Why your laptop needs cleaning?

Yes, your laptop needs cleaning on a regular basis… but why? Because of dust, germs and dust which have made your laptop their home! By not keeping your laptop clean, you are only creating a health hazard for yourself but for your electronic gadgets as well. Here are the reasons why you should clean your laptops and these are:

Stuck keys

It is understandable that at times when you are lost on your laptop, you wouldn’t want to have food at your dining table, hence you would just type while eating. For instance, when you play bingo at, no one would want to leave best online games to go grab some food… or you wouldn’t want to miss your spin on any of the amazing slot machines! At Bingo Extra, you get lost in a lifetime adventure and forget about the everything while having the time of your life on the best games!

Thus, if you are a night snacker, be extra careful as bits of cake or caffeine on the laptop can cause you great loss. Plus, with the build-up of food items such as crumbs, grime and dust, your keyboard keys could stick when you try pressing on them. This will not only slow down your pace of typing, but will also invite many germs. Clean your keyboard and underneath the keys by using a small paintbrush, and a can of compressed air for good results.

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You could get sick

Just like doorknobs and light switches, the dust on laptops often goes unnoticed and uncleaned. However, tons of germs and bacteria are often accumulated on the laptop as you might be touching it with dirty hands at times. Given that these are invisible, they might pile up and build up on your laptop, hence you could get sick. Plus, if you are using the same laptop at work and at home, there is a double chance of it catching germs! To keep the germs away, it is advisable to use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen and keyboard on a weekly basis.


Given that dust tend to be everywhere in the house, there is a high chance that it clogs up your laptop’s fans and vents, hence preventing it from cooling in the proper way. This mishap will make your laptop overheat and therefore it could wreck the hardware and totally break your device. Or, it could also make your laptop run slow and reduce your performance. Another problem of overheating could lead your battery to be drained more quickly, and hence not performing at maximum capacity. You should thus make sure to deep clean the vents and fans on a regular basis. If your laptop has a bottom panel, you could unscrew that and blow the fans to remove dust. On the other hand, if you cannot open the laptop, you can use a can of compressed air to remove the dust.

By Nick Vincent, May 18, 2017