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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Take A Stress Free Working Vacation

  • May 23, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
How Your Smartphone Can Help You Take A Stress Free Working Vacation

Just because you’re a young professional who wants to stay on track with work despite being on vacation, that doesn’t mean you have to haul around your bulky laptop wherever you go or worry about what’s going on in the office without you. Instead, utilize your handy (and lightweight) smartphone for getting business done even when you’re out of town. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, here are four ways your smartphone can help you take a stress-free working vacation.

Plan Your Schedule With a Calendar App

If you plan accordingly, you can effectively set aside time for both business and relaxation. Even though you probably don’t want to work on vacation, calendar apps help you manage your time more efficiently. For instance, you could mark down certain times of the day to check in with the office or schedule a video conference call.

Your smartphone already features a default calendar app that helps you remember important dates and keep track of your daily agenda. Despite its basic view and minimal functions, it’s still a decent program for keeping you on top of work-related tasks. If you really want to make the most of your day, opt for a downloadable calendar app with customizable settings.

You can stay productive with Google Calendar, a free app that lets you color-code your agenda, offers different display options, and allows you to sync your account across multiple devices. Another option is Cal, available for both Android and iOS. Cal lets you set a vibrant photo background and gives you a nice view of your daily to-do list.


Update Your Social Network or Business Blog

When you’re marketing your company’s products or services, it’s likely you do so through a blog or social networking site. Fortunately, you don’t need an office computer to access apps like Facebook and LinkedIn, as you can easily edit your content straight from your smartphone. If you need to update your blog, you can do so with the WordPress app. This handy tool lets you post to, edit, and manage your blog on the go.

Digitally Sign a Company Document

If you’re in the middle of making a business deal but you forgot to sign the documents before you left on vacation, there’s a simple way to get everything done while you’re away. Did you know that apps like Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud let you digitally sign and send a document for free from your smartphone?

Other helpful apps such as HelloSign and SigningHub have a limit on how many free documents you can sign per month before you have to pay to upgrade, but they’re great for those few times when you happen to be out of the office.

There are plenty of digital signature apps to help you stay on top of business. Simply open the app on your smartphone, take a picture of the document or upload an image file, use your finger or stylus to sign your name, and send it on its way.

Maintain Service in Remote Areas With Wi-Fi Calling

If you’re on a plane, beach, or in an area where your phone service is irregular, you’re probably stressing out from all the missed calls and messages. Fortunately, you can stay connected with T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling. This service lets you easily switch between your cellular network and a Wi-Fi network to give you the ultimate coverage in remote areas.

As long as there’s a dependable Wi-Fi connection, you won’t have to worry about your business call getting cut off or a text message failing to send. Plus, you don’t have to open up a separate app to access this service. Simply turn Wi-Fi Calling on in the Settings menu.

If you’re planning to get away from the office for a few days or weeks while staying up-to-date with work, there are several ways you can manage both business affairs and leisure. Consider this guide to help you find creative ways to de-stress during your working vacation with the help of your smartphone.

By Nick Vincent, May 23, 2017