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Top 5 Places in Europe to Visit This Summer

  • July 8, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
Top 5 Places in Europe to Visit This Summer

Europe will always fascinate those who want to discover the very essence of the Western culture. This is where it all began, this is where all the art and beauty we are most familiar with were born. This is a place of self-discovery, of adventure, and of diversity that blends into a stormy history.

What are the top 5 places in Europe to visit this summer? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.



If you want to infuse yourself with sun and a very good dose of optimism, go to Barcelona. Not only will you have the chance to check out one of the most amazing beaches in Europe, but you will also have plenty of other things to do. Such as visiting La Sagrada Familia, eating some delicious Spanish dishes and wandering around the amazingly colorful and lively city of Barcelona itself. Must see!


This is a great place to visit any time of the year, but it might be better to see during the summer. The weather is nicer and with a lot of locals getting out of the city, you will most likely enjoy what it has to offer more than you would in any other season. As for attractions, you’ll have everything here – from museums to teach you new and exciting things, to pubs and restaurants you’ll always want to come back to.



Somewhere at the border between the Eastern and the Western Europe, Prague is a truly delightful city to visit – and especially during the summer, when the weather is better here and when you have the chance to enjoy more of what this place has to offer. We guarantee it will be a truly memorable place!


Italy is always a great destination – but if you want something a bit more special, try Sicily this summer. The sightseeing tours here are absolutely amazing, the history of the place is haunting and the beauty of the people here will stick to your memory. Warm, welcoming and always interesting, Sicily is a great destination for a wide range of types of tourists – so it will be more than worth visiting it this year!


As soon as the summer kicks in, people flock to Greece in search of the splendid Mediterranean vibes. Of course, the entire country is gorgeous, and especially during the warm months of the year. But Crete has something special: it sticks to its Greek roots and welcomes the “new” with its arms open. It haunts you, it teaches you about life and how to live it to the fullest. It’s a genuinely remarkable place you will love every minute of your stay there – from the splendid landscapes, to the party vibes, everything here speaks about “vacations done right”.

Surely, Europe is an incredibly complex destination – and every country there, every city, every street has its own charm and beauty. These are just some of the European destinations you will surely love this summer – but the entire continent is filled with amazing places, people and stories!

By Nick Vincent, July 8, 2017