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One Day in London – What to See and Do

  • November 14, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
One Day in London –  What to See and Do

I love traveling and London is definitely one of the greatest cities I’ve ever been to. There’s so much to do and see here, a month long trip wouldn’t be enough to fit it all in. Beyond the incredible museums, many of which are free, there’s a wide range of famous landmarks that deserve your attention. But perhaps you’re more like me and when you travel you like to imagine you’re living in the new destination? For that reason, I always try to seek out London serviced apartments when I visit, so I can have a home away from home. I also tend to seek out cafes that are bustling with locals and because I have to work even while traveling, this serves as a great pit stop to check my emails. London is a city where you’ll yearn for more time to explore more, but if you only have one day there, here are my suggestions for one day in London – the list of attractions was curated using this this handy London travel app introduced by SACO The serviced apartment company.

1. Head to the Breakfast Club
I’m a firm believer in a hearty breakfast to get the day going and The Breakfast Club is quite a famous London establishment. As such, you may find yourself in line for a good thirty minutes, but I promise it’s worth the wait. There’s numerous different options for my favourite breakfast, which is eggs benedict. Make sure you pop along with a hungry stomach as you’ll want to savour each bite.

2. Central Working City
If you have to get some work done, pop into this great location to find a stable internet connection and a quiet space. I prefer to get my work done as early as possible in the morning when I’m traveling so I have the whole afternoon free to explore.

3. The Monument
In London in the mid 1600s there was a fire that affected the capital and it’s referred to as the Great Fire. Here you’ll find a large monument dedicated to remembering the effect the fire had on the city and it’s people. The Monument is a 62 meter tower, so it’s mighty impressive and a great pit stop to learn a little of London’s history.

4. Guildhall Art Gallery
Opened in the 1800s, this gallery is home to an extensive collection of art, much of which has been donated by residents of London. This is a great attraction because it’s free and has a wide range of art, from portraits to more modern pieces. You’ll be able to easily spend a few hours here, so leave enough time so you’re not rushed.

5. Take a Stroll Down the Thames River and Grab a Bite
Many of London’s most famous landmarks are visible from the Thames, making it an easy way to see the scope of London. I personally love to walk along the Thames as the sun is setting. It’s a hustling and bustling area of London and with the sunset it makes for some lovely photos. Once your stomach begins to rumble, head to Bread Street Kitchen, which is one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants and sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

A day in London simply isn’t enough, but if this is what you have free, follow these suggestions and I’m sure you’ll love the city as much as I do. If you thinking about living in london, here is a great read from HenfieldStorage on the 4 top places to live in London.

By Nick Vincent, November 14, 2021