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Poverty Generates More London Escorts

  • October 25, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
Poverty Generates More London Escorts

Women were stereotyped as being the weaker gender, they are expected to be more submissive to men most of the time. It is the main reason why most mothers were either left at home or given lower rank job opportunities. Men often get higher-paying jobs and women are left with lesser pay and lower benefits. 

Being a single mother is a much more difficult situation. You have to earn for you and your kids but because of the low salary, they find it hard to meet the cost of living that is getting higher as time goes by. 

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This forces some women to be involved in jobs they really don’t want to be engaged in but forced to do so because they had no choice left. Some were forced to do unlawful acts like pickpocketing and others found hope in escort service. 

Reasons Why Women Enters Escort Service

Is lack of money creating more London escorts? There are a lot of reasons why women tend to enter this type of work. But the main reason why they are forced to do such things is definitely lack of money. Being escort service workers, they are able to earn much more money than they may earn from regular jobs intended for women. 

Financial stability and being debt-free were just two of the many reasons why women wanted to do this job. It is not the easy job as it may seem, but these women still chose to take this job hoping to be away from the poverty they have been suffering for a long time. 

The Darker Side of Escort Service

It is a fact that being an escort service worker allows these women to earn more money. A typical job of escort service is simply to escort someone to an event or occasion. To have a companion is mostly the reason why clients were asked for an escort service.  But we all know that it is not always the case.

What happens behind that curtain, or inside that room, stays there. More often than not, women agree to this kind of transaction because of the higher offering. Who would have the guts to say no if the offer is indeed undeniable. Besides, they are in that kind of work, because of money, so they grabbed chances whenever possible. 

The Sad Reality

Money may not be the root of all evil as the saying goes, but indeed, money will force you to do things you never thought you could do. Like in this case, lack of money is what drives women to be part of this. They enter this dirty world, closed eyes, hoping to end the poverty they are experiencing as of the moment and to finally have that life they wanted to have for their families. 

They may not give to them the best of everything, but seeing their loved ones having the chance to eat at least three meals a day, is enough to endure all the hardships and sacrifices. 

By Nick Vincent, October 25, 2021