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Busted: 4 Damaging Health & Fitness Myths

  • November 16, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
Busted: 4 Damaging Health & Fitness Myths

The difference between what’s fact and what’s fiction has never been so minuscule or so subtle. Indeed, what with reality television, “fake news,” and thousands of unverifiable claims made on the internet every day, it’s easy to see why well-meaning adults could mistake a fabrication for the genuine article and unwittingly spread misinformation. Unfortunately, certain health-and-fitness related myths have the potential to cause real harm if you adhere to them too closely. That’s why we’ve decided to go myth-busting and set the record straight on a few widely touted medical untruths. Check them out here:


You Can Outwork a Poor Diet

Odds are, you’ve heard someone say after eating a cheat meal that they’ll simply work off the extra calories with a vigorous workout later. Or you’ve heard someone say that working out is the most important factor in regard to well-being. Or perhaps even that working out regularly can neutralize a bad diet. The reality is though, working out on its own isn’t enough to ensure your health and fitness. Naturally, sticking to a workout routine is vital, but you also have to form a sensible diet and avoid other bad habits like smoking or staying up late if you want to bolster your health.

No Pain, No Gain

Plain and simple, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. As such, it’s counterproductive to try and “work through the pain” during a difficult workout. Furthermore, feeling excess pain or STRESS SHOULDN’T BE A POINT OF PRIDE, but it has come to take on positive connotations recently. Instead of suffering from mental, physical, or emotional trauma, consult a medical professional ASAP for assistance. Alternatively, take some time to look into pain relief and experiment with the products that can help you. For example. natural pain relievers (such as those you can see via HTTPS://CFAH.ORG/NATURAL-PAIN-RELIEVERS/) are becoming very popular for those people suffering from muscle pains. There are many herbal remedies out there now that can be used for anti-inflammation purposes and pain relief. For example, kratom can be consumed in tea or in capsule form, which is becoming a popular option!

If You Feel Healthy, You are Healthy

Speaking of medical professionals, fewer and fewer people are scheduling regular appointments with their M.D. In some respects, this is understandable. After all, if you feel healthy, you must also be healthy. Right? Wrong. There are a number of diseases and conditions that can remain undetected for years if you avoid medical consultation. Keep in mind that the average person doesn’t have the vast experience or knowledge a doctor does. A passerby on the street couldn’t tell you the difference between a 96 well plate and a regular petri dish, or even explain how the common cold functions, for instance. Bottom line, it’s okay to trust an expert’s opinion when it comes to your health.

Specific Weight-Loss Targets Are a Good Idea

Perhaps the biggest health and fitness myth out there is that you can set specific weight-loss targets and achieve them quickly. While some people do experience significant weight-loss results in a short period, most of the time it takes many months of hard work and diligence to see meaningful weight loss. And even then, weight loss itself isn’t the all-important metric that people make it out to be. Your weight is a reflection of your lifestyle and your genetic makeup, and one person’s ideal physiology will differ from someone else’s. Specific targets are great to have in most walks of life, but they can actually prove counterproductive in regard to health and fitness.

By Nick Vincent, November 16, 2021