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4 Tips for Hosting an Incredible Birthday Party

  • October 11, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
4 Tips for Hosting an Incredible Birthday Party

Birthdays are a really special time of year, after all it’s the one day a year where everyone gathers around you to make you feel loved and appreciated. As we get older, we tend to take charge of hosting our own birthday gatherings in a bid to get our friends and family together. If you’re wanting to plan a really incredible birthday party, one that your friends will talk about for months to come, here are some of my top 5 tips for hosting an extremely special and memorable party – whether for yourself or someone else.

1. Think About the Location
Where you choose to have your party will determine so many things, namely how many people you can invite and how intimate the setting will be. Generally I tend to have birthday parties at my home, as that keeps costs down. However for special birthdays such as my upcoming 30th I love the idea of renting party houses so that all my favourite people can be together for an entire weekend! Renting a large house is also a great idea for other events such as hen or bachelor parties, family vacations, or just a weekend escape. Check out these great options for hen party accommodation. Make sure to find a home or multiple homes in order to properly house your guests – you don’t want anyone feeling left or put out on your trip away!

2. Think About Catering
Food can be one of the biggest costs when hosting a party. As a general rule, I like to provide a good range of food and beverages, including alcoholic drinks, when hosting a party. However, I do ask friends and family members to help out. If you want friends and family to bring tapas plates to share, that’s fine, but then you should be prepared to provide the drinks. If you want your friends and family to bring their own drinks, then you should provide extra catering. As a general rule it’s a good idea to have a buffer of everything, but don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family to help out with either alcohol or food.

3. Get a Delicious Cake
No matter your age, cake is always a wonderful idea. Be mindful of what guests you’re having, and if you know someone is gluten free or dealing with some food allergies, try to source a cake that every one can enjoy! I personally believe the birthday person shouldn’t have to buy their own cake, so ask around to see if this is covered and if not consider buying a cake for the birthday person in order to make them feel special and festive on their special day.

4. Don’t Forget Entertainment
The type of entertainment you’ll want will depend mostly on what age you are and your guests are. There’s one the thing is popular across the board, irregardless of age, and that’s piñatas! You may want to think about things such as card games, board games, Cards of Humanity, music etc. The list goes on! What you’ll want will depend a lot on your age and social group but make sure your guests will have enough to keep them entertained and having a great time at your party!

Hosting a party can be a bunch of fun and with these tips you’ll be even better prepared to host an extremely memorable and fun birthday party.

By Nick Vincent, October 11, 2017