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How to Connect More With Young Adults

  • September 23, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

Young adults are some of the most desirable customers because their expenses tend to be much lower than an older age group with children, mortgages and other financial responsibilities. They’re also more likely to be swayed by social norms, such as trends and what their friends are up to. This means that things such as social marketing are even more important for this age group.

There’s also something else to keep in mind, late teens and young adults have basically grown up in the smart phone and internet age. Some of them might not even remember the painful hum of dial up internet or fighting with a family member to use the phone line. They’re used to life online, using Google to find information and relying on Facebook pages and websites to find information about businesses.

Tips for Engaging More Effectively with Young Adults

You need an online presence, the more the better but generally it’s wise to think about what kind of products and services you’re offering and which will help you reach more potential clients. For visual things, such as products or services related to image – maybe hair, makeup, clothing etc Instagram stands out as an excellent option as you can engage with your clients and fans through sharing images highlighting your skills or top products.

A Facebook page is basically essential across the board, as well as a personalised website that is a dot com – or region specific domain – but not a domain that is weird like .co .biz or anything that’s not intuitive for your region. Other social platforms such as Twitter or Pinterest can be a good fit for your business but it will be depend on your market and product.
Curious about how you can engage more with a young audience? Well 4imprint has come up with a helpful and quick video that helps us better understand the mindset of the younger generation and how best to connect with them. Check it out below:

By Nick Vincent, September 23, 2017