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Important Fall Home Tasks to Leave to the Professionals

  • October 12, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
Important Fall Home Tasks to Leave to the Professionals

Have you been noticing that the breeze is turning a little cooler outside? Maybe you’re still running your central air conditioning unit to try to keep temperatures regulated. Either way, now is the time to start thinking about your furnace and other items around your home that could be affected by the cooler, upcoming weather. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to put your HVAC system on your fall priority to-do list, and why you should consider calling in the pros.

Servicing Your HVAC System

When temps plummet, it’s always easy to reach for the thermostat to warm things up a bit. What happens when you turn the dial up, but your furnace doesn’t kick on? Rather than making a late night service call to the HVAC specialist for your home heating problem, set up an appointment now. They will thoroughly inspect your unit and check for specific issues, including:


  • *Making sure all ventilation systems are working properly in the roof and attic area.
  • *Measuring HVAC system pressures and temperatures.
  • *Checking the system for abnormal sound and noise.
  • *Inspecting wiring, control box, heat exchanger, heating elements and safety controls.
  • *Burner assembly, combustion blower and adjust accordingly if needed.
  • *Lubricate motor and replace belts if needed.
  • *Examine the overall performance of the entire system.


If you’re having any issues with your air conditioner or furnace, they will be addressed. Tackling furnace problems on your own can cost you money in the long run. Your HVAC provider will be able to tell you if any parts fall under a manufacturer’s warranty, and may be able to replace broken parts for you at a good price.

Have You Had a Recent Plumbing Inspection?

Temperature fluctuations, a common occurrence in the fall and early winter months, can put a lot of extra pressure on your home’s pipes. If a freeze occurs, it can cause pipes to crack or warp under pressure. The result is a fracture that could burst and lead to hundreds of dollars in damage. Now is the time to have your plumbing inspected. The plumber will examine all drains and fittings while checking for any leaks or unstable areas. Trying to make repairs on your own can be challenging. A pro will be able to analyze and replace worn pieces correctly and efficiently.

Improve Overall Air Quality

When firing up the furnace for the first time, sometimes there is a musty smell along with a lot of dust and debris that can enter the air. This is common after a long, hot summer. The problem is this debris can make it challenging to breathe, especially if you or a family member suffers from allergies or respiratory problems. You can ask your HVAC pro to have your air ducts and registers in your home cleaned and disinfected. This will remove unwanted toxins including:


  • *Dust mites
  • *Dead insects and rodents
  • *Dust, soot and dirt accumulation
  • *Any unwanted materials that may be hiding in your furnace and ductwork


The result is a cleaner, fresher furnace that blows out warm air. Having your ductwork cleaned, deodorized and disinfected can also make your entire heating and cooling system work more efficiently and effectively. Also, ask about having a new furnace filter to replace your old one. An electrostatic filter or HEPA filter can eliminate many airborne contaminants and make the space you breathe cleaner and healthier for your loved ones.

Ways To Save Energy In Your Home

While you want all of your heating and cooling products to work well throughout the year, saving money and being energy efficient is also important. This starts within your home and follows through to the outside. Some suggestions for making your home as energy efficient as possible include:


  • *Having energy-saving appliances installed by a professional.
  • *Making sure your home is properly insulated in the floors, walls and attic area.
  • *Purchasing new energy efficient windows and doors.
  • *Weatherproofing areas where cold air might seep in, such as door and window jambs or around basement gaps and crawlspaces.
  • *Installing a smart hub to control temperature and lighting throughout your home.


All of these suggestions can be used in conjunction with each other for maximum savings and efficiency.

Your home should be your sanctuary and be a comfortable environment to relax in. Don’t take on big projects on your own. Call a professional contractor to get the job done.


By Nick Vincent, October 12, 2017