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What’s The Best Flooring For Pets And Children

  • June 24, 2020
  • By Nick Vincent
What’s The Best Flooring For Pets And Children

There’s many elements that get in the way of us getting our dream
flooring, and our pets and kids are only one of them. Although we love
and would do anything for our pets and children, they can stop us
achieving our picture perfect interior and makes us have to prioritise
practicality above aesthetics. However, with modern technology there’s
no reason you can’t have both! Let’s go through some of the best
flooring options for a busy family household and some of the not so good

Although carpet is warm and inviting, it certainly had it’s faults.
Firstly, it stains easily which is no good when you have kids running
about the place with pens and food. Secondly, it will soon look worn
where you pet scratches at it – and they will whether we like it or not!
Despite this, carpet is warm and comforting for your little ones to play
on and it’ll cushion their falls! So from a safety point of view it’s
got a thumbs up, but from a practicality side a thumbs down!

Real Wood
Authentic, gorgeous and glamorous…there’s not a flooring choice out
there that trumps real wood. Despite it’s style, its not necessarily the
most practical option when it comes to a busy family house. However it
is very durable and is likely to last a lifetime if cared for properly.
Despite it’s durability, real wood is susceptible to scratches and
stains and is no good when it comes into contact with too much water,
causing it to warp and swell. As we’re sure you’re aware, stains and
water spillages are very common when you’ve got kids and pets running
around so perhaps wood isn’t as attractive as you might have first

However, if scratches and stains do occur then there is a way you can
eradicate it with real wood. You can sand it down and refinish it,
allowing it to look as good as new! However this should not normally
need to be done for the first 15-20 years or so, so you can only imagine
how long these floors can last for! To keep scratches at bay keep your
pets claws trim, avoid sharp toys and place mats by entrances to stop
stones scratching your wood floors.

Laminate is a better option, providing impressive durability with good
practicality and maintenance qualities. It is very easy to keep clean,
with only a sweep and a mop needed – the best part is soap and water
will do the job, no need for specialist floor cleaners. We know that
when you have kids and pets, something quick and easy to clean is very
valuable! Laminate is also an affordable option, as well as being
resistant to scratches, stains and water. We’d have no concerns
recommending laminate to a busy family household.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles
LVT is a superb option for animals and children. It’s completely water,
scratch and stain proof and will cope with large amounts of water
spillages – perfect for those messy bath times! It is very easy to keep
clean and very durable as well, you wont need to worry about replacing
it for a few years. It also comes in very interesting impressions of
natural products such as real wood and stone, that again it’s very hard
to tell them apart!

In conclusion, we would say that LVT is certainly the best option for
households with pets and children due to it’s unbeatable maintenance
qualities. However if you’re prepared for a little more maintenance,
then solid wood could be suitable – even though we’ve made our
suggestion and gone through the advantages and disadvantages of each
option, it’s all personal preference!

By Nick Vincent, June 24, 2020