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Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Roll Away Dumpster Near You

  • April 21, 2020
  • By Nick Vincent
Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Roll Away Dumpster Near You

A dumpster for your home remodeling, driveway repair, demolition, or clean out job is a piece of essential equipment you want to get. Proper handling of waste materials and debris ensures that your project or job runs efficiently. When renting roll away dumpster for rent, there are mistakes you want to avoid; otherwise, you may end up paying a lot of money, inconveniencing other people, or even causing risks of accidents or injuries. When renting the equipment, make sure you collaborate with the dumpster rental company to ensure everything is in order. That being said, you may want to avoid these five mistakes to make your rental experience much pleasant:

Don’t put Hazardous materials inside the dumpster

You will risk facing additional costs if you toss the hazardous waste in the container. While you can put almost anything in the container, there are some exceptions, and hazardous materials are on top of the list. During the time you are inquiring about the prices of the dumpster rental, the company will inform you of what materials shouldn’t be placed in the dumpster. It could be pesticides, household cleaning chemicals, motor oil, gasoline, or even propane tanks and aerosol cans. Take note of all those items that shouldn’t go in there and make sure you adhere to the rules.


Blocking views, Doors, and Probably Yourself

Residential-friendly dumpsters will snug up handily in your driveways because their size is smaller than that of commercial dumpsters. That said, there are things you want to look at before the bin arrives. Make sure there is sufficient room for the truck to drop off the container and pick it up. Avoid placing the container in a location where it blocks the view of pedestrians and other drivers. Don’t let the container block any doors.

Not Taking Precautions to Prevent Property or Driveway from Damage

There will be a lot of movement of the truck as it drops and picks up the bin, so make sure to designate the right route to use. You don’t want the truck to drive through the newly planted lawn or your precious petunia bed. Again, you don’t want the truck to pass over grounds where there are plumbing pipes like sewage and drain lines – it could collapse them. Also, if the truck has to cross your lawn, make sure you place plywood sheets down along the path -this helps cut down on any damages.

Improper Placement of the Container

Another mistake that property owners make is placing the container the wrong way or on an uneven surface. A flat driveway can be a good place for the bin. Avoid placing the dumpster on sloping surfaces. If you load heavy stuff on a dumpster placed on a steep slope, it may turn to be a runaway bin. This can especially happen in late fall or early spring when ice and frost make surfaces slick. You may want to talk to the driver of the truck delivering the bin to see the right location or ground to place it. The operators have tricks up their sleeves on issues regarding the safe placement of the bins. Also, don’t place the container on someone’s property or city streets.

Misjudging Timing

One thing you should realize is that the more a dumpster stays in your driveways, the more you will be charged. So you should ensure that it stays there for the duration you need it – not much longer. Make sure you do proper timing of when the project is likely to end so that you can have the container picked up to avoid additional costs. If you’re not sure, you can discuss with the operator of the dumpster equipment to try to figure out the duration you may need the equipment. When you realize that you will need the equipment longer than you expected, ensure you straightaway inform the company – chances are, the dumpster could be needed somewhere else.

These are some of the common mistakes that commercial and residential property owners or even construction site contractors make when seeking and using dumpster equipment. When you plan appropriately and take precautions, you can avoid them and ensure a smooth experience with your dumpster rental.  Work closely with the operators because they understand much about dumpster use and have dealt with different situations. They will offer you tips on how to go about renting and using the dumpster.

By Nick Vincent, April 21, 2020