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What careers are available for people with finance related degrees

  • March 30, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

If you’ve always been intrigued by the financial markets or have an interest in bonds, stocks and other investment opportunities, then a finance major and a career in the world of money may well be worth your consideration.

A career in finance is ideal for those who are interested in everything from money hacks to balancing a checkbook. Not only is the finance industry extremely versatile, with a host of different niches for aspiring students to explore, but it is also a very secure profession for those who are interested in a long-standing and robust career. After all, everything in this world is connected to money in some way, which means that financial experts will always have career opportunities open to them.

Getting an education in finance

Careers in finance, at least the most appealing ones, require some manner of degree within finance-related areas. For instance, you might obtain a degree in business management, accounting, or go into a more specialist niche such as taxation. The important thing to remember is that the more competitive you want to be in the world of finance, the more you’ll need to devote yourself to a complex and challenging experience in education. Master’s degrees in specialist niches offer the best chances for success, such as Villanova’s online master of law in taxation degree.

Those who specialize in the world of finance must undergo rigorous training and education to obtain the skills and certifications necessary to succeed in their career. The path to becoming a financial expert often contains several twists, turns and alternate experiences depending on your past education and experience in the business world.

Importantly, it is worth remembering that the path to success can be a very long and challenging one.  While academic instruction from a tutor or teacher is essential to giving you the foundation that you need for success in finance, internships and experience within entry-level positions will help to develop your real-life experience. It is crucial for financial students to get a range of different educational experiences when obtaining their finance-related degrees.


The high-end careers to choose from in finance

There are many different careers available for graduates with a finance degree of some kind. From specialist jobs in the industry, to high-end solutions like financial management and accounting. Some of the most popular and beneficial job positions might include:

  • Accountant: These professionals are responsible for planning, evaluating, and offering advice on accounts and tax laws. While some individuals can access an accounting degree with nothing more than a bachelor’s degree, those with advanced masters’ degrees often get better job opportunities.
  • Financial analysts: These experts work for businesses to help the companies or their clients make wiser investment decisions. These individuals succeed best within the financial environment when they focus on building a masters’ degree in the world of accounting and business administration.
  • Financial attorneys: There are various specialties to consider in the world of finance, including those that are linked to law education. Indeed, lawyers in many areas of practice, including corporate, labor and securities laws all benefit from an in-depth knowledge of finance. Attorneys who investigate irregularities in financial accounts must also have an in-depth understanding of taxation and accounting.
  • Investor expert: Sometimes, a career in finance can revolve around giving information and advice to people who don’t know how to use their money effectively. Finance majors with strong communication and organizational skills can thrive as investor experts, preparing and presenting financial information for a range of different businesses.
  • Business teachers: Those with a strong background in finance can even benefit from teaching others how to succeed in the world of money. Finance majors hone presentation and communication skills which are both essential to the teaching profession. Business teachers can help to create the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Making the most of your finance degree

Making the most of your degree in finance is all about choosing a skill and specialty that best suits your specific goals in the industry. In the world of finance, there is always more to learn, and it is important to remember that if you want to be competitive in this industry, you will also need to devote plenty of time and effort to making sure that you keep up with the current trends in the industry.

A lot of the certifications that you can obtain in the world of finance will require more further education, and senior positions almost always demand an advanced degree. However, on top of obtaining a classroom based education, remember the values of building your knowledge in the world of work with on-hand experience too.


By Nick Vincent, March 30, 2017