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4 Useful Ways to Make Money Blogging

  • March 27, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

The internet has increased the opportunities available to us. Today, many people can rely on the World Wide Web to generate income. Blogging is one of the ways through which many people around the world earn a living. By turning your passion into a blog, you can explore the various money-making options that blogging presents.

The amount of money you make from blogging will depend entirely on the level of efforts you put into publishing the blog, how much you grow your audience and your dedication to finding the best money making opportunities. Once you learn how to start a blog the right way, you can try your chances at some of the following tactics.

Banner Ads

While banner ads are the easiest way to make money blogging, they are not likely to make you much money in the beginning. One of the common ways of implementing these ads is through Google AdSense. It doesn’t take much time or effort to get banners on your blog. However, it is important to make sure that you add the banners to your blog right from the start, so that your audience gets used to them.

An alternative to Google AdSense would be to negotiate with companies to have their banner ads placed on your blog. This is bound to make you more money than AdSense.

Another way of making money through your blog would be using keywords that pay per click. Identify the keywords that get higher pay and include them in your blog posts. This will also mean that you identify blog topics that are likely to generate more money.

Affiliate links

Affiliate marketing refers to a practice where bloggers include links to certain products or services. Whenever a user clicks on the links and ultimately purchases the product or service, you will receive payment. When this is done right, affiliate marketing can make for a reliable and lucrative revenue stream.

Many companies are increasingly appreciating the important role that affiliate links play in boosting revenues. When looking at affiliate marketing as a way of making money, you can either decide to sign up directly for affiliate programs with companies or use the available affiliate networks. With these networks, you will enjoy the additional features that allow you to see how much money you have made, both from each company and in total.

Product and service reviews

Marketing and advertising are continuously evolving, with the internet playing a critical role in their growth. Today, a good number of companies are looking at internet advertising as a creative way of getting the word out. This has made it possible for bloggers to generate revenue through product and service reviews.

Companies derive benefits from reviews of their products and services. It is also true that it takes a considerable period to reviews a company’s products. Today, bloggers can negotiate with companies so that they review the products and services offered by the company at a fee. However, it should be clear that paid reviews will be different from other reviews. While paid reviews will not include affiliate links, regular reviews will include affiliate links as a potential revenue stream

Sell Products

Once you’ve established an audience for your blog, you can look at selling your own products through it. These could be digital items like an eBook, or physical items such as branded wristbands or homemade products. If you do go down this route, ensure that what you’re selling is in keeping with your website.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are numerous opportunities that anyone can explore in the world of blogging. The first step, however, will involve learning how to start a blog that will attract an audience.

By Nick Vincent, March 27, 2017