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Things You Must Do In Las Vegas

  • November 20, 2019
  • By Nick Vincent

Las Vegas is popular for many reasons. There’s the casinos, the quickie weddings conducted by Elvis impersonators and the omnipresent Las Vegas Strip. But there is so much more to do in this bustling city. Here are some little-known things you simply have to do the next time you’re in Las Vegas.

Scorpion Shot

Not this is not some fancy cocktail but a literal scorpion in a shot. At the Nacho Daddy restaurant, you can order an actual scorpion in your shot of whatever. There is no real reason or benefit to having a scorpion in your drink, but this is Vegas we’re talking about, so who really cares?

Light Shows in Fremont Street

Enjoy jaw-dropping, and most importantly, free light shows on the world’s largest video screen in Fremont Street. The atmosphere of the promenade is electric and a definite must-visit during your stay in Las Vegas.

Heart Attack Grill

If cheesy is your thing, then the Heart Attack Grill is the place for you. If you have a taste for the tasteless or if irreverent humour gets you going, then take a look at the ridiculously indulgent menu, which includes things like ‘Quadruple Bypass’ hamburgers, ‘Flatliner’ fries and butterfat shakes.

World’s Largest Keno Board

Las Vegas is a land of excess, so it is only expected to be home to the World’s Largest Keno Board, which is located at The D. The D is itself a must-visit establishment in Las Vegas, and seeing your numbers as they’re drawn on a massive feed is pretty cool.

Shark Tank Pool

The Golden Nugget boasts one of the most unique features in Las Vegas – a $30 million pool that features a 200 000-gallon shark tank. Experience this shark tank at a distance or up close and personal while riding the pool’s three-story water slide.

Container Park Shopping

For a family-friendly experience, head downtown to the city’s newest shopping centre. Here the shops, restaurants, and bars are in giant shipping containers, and there is also a massive playground that offers loads of fun for the kiddies.

Casinos, Casinos and More Casinos

We all know that Las Vegas is the premier gambling destination in the world. The city is any gambler’s dream destination, and with good reason. There is a casino around every corner, with over 40 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip alone. But if visiting one of the liveliest cities in the world is not your thing, you can enjoy some gambling action from the comfort of your home when you play online casino games. Whether you prefer your gambling at online or land-based casinos, one thing is for sure, Las Vegas will continue to be one of the top casino destinations in the world.

By Nick Vincent, November 20, 2019