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Simple Hacks for Staying Healthy During Winter

  • August 6, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
Simple Hacks for Staying Healthy During Winter

Summer is almost over – and together with the first leaves of the fall, we’re all thinking of the upcoming cold season. Sure, summer does have its beauty – but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy winter as well. What’s even more important, winter doesn’t mean you give up on being healthy – especially since there are a lot of ways to ensure your body functions in its normal parameters despite the chilly weather outside.

How to do that, more exactly? Here are some simple hacks for staying healthy during winter:


Keep Working Out

You may have started your workout routine in March, when you aimed for that awesome bikini body – but that doesn’t mean you should give it up as soon as the warm weather fades away. In fact, sticking to your workout regimen throughout the winter can have a wide range of positive effects on your body – just like it does in the summer. Here are some of the benefits of working out in the winter as well:

It will keep your body fit and good looking

It will keep you healthy

It will improve your overall mood and fight the “winter blues” away

It will improve your immune system to keep colds at bay

Eat Citric Fruits

Winter is frequently associated with a generous offer of citric fruits – and truth be told, they can work like magic on your health. Citric fruits are very rich in vitamin C, which means you can naturally protect yourself from catching colds. Furthermore, vitamin C will also energize your body and it will lift up your mood – so that you stay strong despite the cold weather outside.


Sleep Well

This tip is valid throughout the entire year, but especially during the wintertime, when energy levels can drop dramatically due to the shorter days. To make sure you have plenty of energy throughout the day, get your 7-9 hours of sleep every night. You will not believe what a tremendous effect this can have on your health anytime of the year! Sleeping well helps you function properly during the day, wards off depression and anxiety, makes you feel good about yourself, helps you think better and, ultimately, makes you a happier person regardless of how snowy the times may get.


This may be the simplest tip of advice so far – and for some, it may sound like a pretty banal one too. However, studies show that laughing and smile can actually have a positive effect on one’s physical and psychological health – so, smile more, laugh more and share your joy with those around you! Yes, smiling can induce a state of well-being and it can counter-balance the dark and humid days outside. It can actually improve your immune system and your energy levels and it can help you stick to all of the tips presented above (including sticking to a workout routine throughout the winter months too).

So, put a smile on that face! Winter is not so bad if you know how to “navigate” it!


By Nick Vincent, August 6, 2016