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Packing It – A Stag’s Essential Checklist

  • January 17, 2018
  • By Nick Vincent
Packing It – A Stag’s Essential Checklist

If you’ve been tasked with planning a stag do, there are hundreds of things you need to bear in mind, which can be a little bit daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. Therefore I have rounded up a few top tips to help with your Stag’s Essential Checklist – leaving you to work about the more important things, like getting those rounds of shots in.

Knowing where you need to be and when is pretty crucial. It sounds obvious, but I’ve heard stories of people showing up for their flights a week early or late. With every little detail of your stag do flying around your head, the most obvious ones can slip your mind, so get it all written down in one place to avoid timing mishaps. When booking your stag, make sure the company sends out a Travel Pack to all of our groups, making sure that they know every last detail – from times of airport transfers, to activity time slots and when they’re booked into restaurants for meals.

Embarrassing Costume

You can’t go on a stag do and not suitably dress the Groom-to-Be in something embarrassing, humiliating, downright hilarious or all the above – it’s pretty much a stag do rite of passage. You could even pack him something in your suitcase and surprise him once you all get there and are getting ready for your big night. Whether you get your mate a stand out (read: mortifying) fancy dress to highlight him from the group, or decide to get some sort of unifying themed fancy dress for all of you to wear, make sure it’s something that’ll look great on all your photos (for future blackmail, obviously).

Drinking Games and Dares
We all know that a great night out starts with an epic drinking game, and your stag do is no exception. With so many stag do ideas and drinking games out there it can be hard to choose. Whether you choose to stick to a classic like beer pong or flip cup, or decide to try something a little different, like dick head hoopla or Snakes and Bladdered it is  really up to you. You can even continue the hilarity into the night, with a huge range of stag do dare cards available to put the poor Groom-to-Be through his paces.

It may sound seriously basic, but I recommend preparing a simple tick list of everything you could possibly need to pack in your suitcase or hand luggage. If you’re going abroad, make sure passports, visas, currency, insurance, sun cream and EHIC cards all make the list. You can also use it to ensure you don’t leave anything in the hotel room, when you’re packing up to travel home. It is important to pack appropriate clothing on your stag do, and I don’t just mean not taking a snow suit to Benidorm. I mean taking old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, if you’ve got mud buggies or quad biking on the agenda, for example.

For more tips and stag do inspiration, head to Last Night Of Freedoms website and let us take all the hassle out of arranging your stag weekend.

By Nick Vincent, January 17, 2018