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Make Money While Travel Blogging in the UK

  • February 20, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

People who dream of having travel jobs will most likely think of some of the most popular bloggers on the web who take pictures while blogging near the Great Wall of China. Those who are travel bloggers often receive questions from people who are curious about their lifestyle. Is it possible to earn a living this way? How are you able to blog while travelling?

The end verdict is either people are surprised or they do not believe someone can get paid to travel to different locations in the UK. Although it is not easy to start a UK travel blog, it could be the ideal job if you love to travel.

Starting a UK travel blog is not glamorous, and the first year of your blog will leave you feeling exhausted. You will also not see much reward for your hard work. Just like starting any other business, you must put in a lot of sweat into your blog. There will probably be a lot of sleepless nights, but the eventual payoff will be huge when you can observe different types of scenery, climates, cultures and history in the UK. That is when you will think you have the most awesome job.


Prepare for the Road

Before you can begin planning your first break, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared for the road – and this could mean passing your driving test unless you want to place all your faith in public transport. Studying the Highway Code for your driving theory test on toptests is a great way to get started, but investing in some practical lessons with a professional is also a must!

How to Make Money

There are several ways that you can earn money with your travel blog, and this cash can be used to fund your expeditions around the UK.

You will need to be aware upfront that you must put forth a lot of work for about two years before you can begin counting your money. By becoming a blogger who gets paid to travel around the UK, your blog will need to have a good foundation. The content on your blog will need to be exceptional, not just average. Your message to your audience will need to be direct. Your site branding and content must also be directed towards the right audience, which in this instance is a UK audience.

The content that you create will need to be informative so the leads that are generated are qualified. Trying to create leads from scratch can be challenging, so pay attention to other successful travel sites.

Get a Mentor

Even if you think you know all of the steps that you should take when creating your UK travel blog, it is still wise to connect with a mentor or a teacher that can help you with this endeavour. When you have a mentor, you will avoid making mistakes and you will avoid pitfalls that could cost you to lose a lot of money.

Remember, when you do something that you enjoy but not getting paid, it is a hobby. If you want your blog to be a source of income, you will need to treat it as a job. The good news is that once your blog is established, you will have a great job that will allow you to travel around the UK while making money.

By Nick Vincent, February 20, 2017