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How To Turn Wax Into Vape Juice?

  • April 21, 2020
  • By Nick Vincent
How To Turn Wax Into Vape Juice?

For people who are used to cannabis, you’d agree with me that the cost implication may be unbearable if you’d love to vape. Mind you; you can put a bit of personal effort to ensure that you got yourself what you desire. If you’ve got some spare time, you should do yourself a favor by learning how to turn wax into vape juice in this article

Once you have your wax and a few other materials, your vape juice is almost ready. The major raw material is wax which is one of the derivatives of cannabis as it is the herbal concentrate most often used to refer to a legal cannabis concentrate or butane hash oil (BHO). Its waxy texture gives it the name wax. It is also referred to as BHO wax due to its solubility in butane.

There are different quality grades of BHO wax: We have the Yellow-colored live resins, which is of the highest quality and the dark-colored waxes of the lowest quality, among others. Any of these wax grades can be successfully converted to Vape juice.


Why Should You Do-It-Yourself?

The active ingredient in wax and other Cannabis extract is THC, and this is referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is what every Marijuana addict goes through while smoking or vaping. To have your quality and uncompromised THC content in wax is not so common. This is why it is advisable that you be your manufacturer. There are places where smoking of Marijuana is banned, getting any of its products or derivatives could be challenging.

When you do it yourself, you can easily overcome the problems of quality, cost, and scarcity at the same time. Using the right amount of THC Wax would bring in your desired effect. You are free to go for any flavor based on your preference. The process is cost-effective, so you’ll always have some excess money compared to buying in stores, especially in places where cannabis is banned. The flavor, thickness and other properties of your juice will be decided by you, so there’s no need to manage compared to if you are to buy.

Before you prepare your vape

Depending on what you want to do, you can personally extract your wax from the Cannabis leaf or get a ready-made wax to make into vape juice.

If you got your wax from a store, you should be sure that it is of the right THC quality. The more the percentage of THC you have in your wax, the higher the effect you’ll get when you convert it to your juice. Your wax should also be stored in appropriate containers to be well preserved. Silicone containers are recommended because the wax cannot stick to it.

Materials and Tools Preparation

The materials needed to prepare your vape juice are Wax, Liquidizer, and Terpenes.

The tools you need to prepare, on the other hand, are Mixing/ Boiling Jar, Syringe, and your Vape pen. You can also get yourself something to stir your mixture, probably a small rod.

If you aim at the best output, it may be advisable to try out the preliminary methods before you start. These are:

  1. Decarbing: Decarbing your BHO wax will prevent the juice from getting crystallized in the cartridge later on.
  2. Dewaxing: This is another great procedure where you can remove residual solvents and any traces of plant matter in your raw material.

With these two methods, you are always sure to get a smoother vape juice that is less likely to get clogged in your pen. However, this may not be something that can be easily carried out, especially for the everyday user.

Terpenes are densely concentrated and should be added minimally to your THC e Juice mix.

Here’s How to Turn Your Wax into vape Juice

Place your desired amount of wax into the jar and add the right quantity of the liquidizer as recommended by the manufacturer on the label. Enhance the thickness and flavor of your mixture by adding your terpene. Do some stirring and microwave the mixture for about 10 seconds. Now your vape juice is ready and in the liquid state. Leave your juice to cool and then transfer it into the vape pen with the syringe. It is now ready for use.

By Nick Vincent, April 21, 2020