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How To Design A Garden For Outdoor Entertaining

  • December 3, 2020
  • By Nick Vincent
How To Design A Garden For Outdoor Entertaining

The gardening movement is alive and well among UK millennials. According to research published earlier this year, it was found that millennials are spending more on gardening than their parents. It appears that the gardening revival goes hand-in-hand with the shift towards healthy living as adults are now growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs in their backyard for their well-being. However, another reason why millennials are spending afternoons pottering in their garden is to create an outdoor space that’s conducive to entertaining. With 67% of British homeowners doing garden makeovers just for entertaining, it’s no wonder why having the perfect place to host an afternoon tea, a party, or just spend a beautiful day with family and friends is a top priority nowadays. If you need ideas on how to design a garden for outdoor entertaining, consider the following tips.


Make your sitting area as comfortable and inviting as possible

No one wants to recline on cold metal chairs, wobbly wooden furniture, or mouldering benches at an outdoor party. To make your sitting area as inviting as possible, choose deep seating sets and loungers, then add cushions covered in weather-proof material to make your chairs more comfortable. Add an outdoor rug in a coordinating colour, and you’ve got a great sitting area that’s more relaxing and enjoyable.

Add a stunning focal point

Your outdoor space deserves a bit of drama, so add a stunning focal point somewhere in your garden. You can have an outdoor wall or tabletop water fountain, an ethanol fireplace or fire pit, or a sculpture that would work with your garden décor. To make it look even more fantastic, add LED lights to your focal point to make it stand out at night. You can also position a few potted plants around your fountain or sculpture to make it look more natural.

Light it up

No one wants to spend time in a dark and gloomy garden. To liven up the look of your outdoor space, light it in interesting ways. You can string a few lantern lights, make DIY mason jar lamps, or hang up a solar powered chandelier in the garden. You can also add more illumination to your outdoor space by hiding landscape lighting under shrubs, placing short stake lights alongside walkways, or installing in-ground lights in dark areas.

Having a well-designed garden can encourage your loved ones to stop by and spend more time with you. Follow these tips to design a garden for outdoor entertaining and be amazed at how you can transform your backyard in the simplest ways.

By Nick Vincent, December 3, 2020