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7 Essential Life Hacks to Make Your Home Safer

  • June 15, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
7 Essential Life Hacks to Make Your Home Safer

I know that home safety isn’t the most exciting topic out there. After all, nobody watches the Kardashians to see what decadent home safety adventures they’re up to, Will Ferrell isn’t working on a zany home safety-based inspired comedy, and when you’re out in a club or at a dinner party, trying to impress your friends — and depress your enemies — with epic tales of home safety is probably the fastest way to get kicked out (and never get invited back).

But you know what? Breaking your budget to replace a damaged item — or maybe taking a trip to the Emergency Room after a fall or a bump — isn’t sexy or sizzling, either. And so, without further delay, here are 7 essential life hacks to make your home safer, and indeed, your life better:


  1. Apply no-slip adhesive on stairs, doorways, hallways and so on. Make sure that you get the kind designed for household use, and not for tubs and showers — otherwise, the adhesive will quickly peel and you’ll be back where you started (except with less in your bank account).
  1. Invest in a carbon monoxide detector. This should be on the no-brainer list, but the tragic stories continue year after year. Remember: unlike smoke, you cannot smell or detect carbon monoxide (and neither can your pets).
  1. Put a torque stripe on bolts and screws for furniture, appliances and so on, so you can see if they are loosening over time. This is especially important on bookcases, beds, media centers, wall units, and so on.
  1. Don’t advertise your vacation plans on social media. I know this is asking a lot. But it’s a sacrifice worth making, since burglars regularly scan social media to plan their hit list. You can brag about your adventures when you get back.
  1. Install motion sensor lighting. Just remember to position and aim the sensor properly. If the field is too narrow, burglars will easily circumvent it (and so will racoons and other critters).
  1. Get any mold in your house professionally removed. Over time, mold can be a major health hazard, especially if you or someone in your home has respiratory issues, or if there are infants or seniors.
  1. Install deadbolts on all outside facing doors and windows, including the garage.

The Bottom Line

With a little planning and some minimal spending, you can significantly improve your home safety — which will give you the protection and peace of mind you need to enjoy more exciting things in life!

By Nick Vincent, June 15, 2017