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4 Hacks for Helping Your Home Sell

  • December 1, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
4 Hacks for Helping Your Home Sell

Are you looking to sell your home? It can be a huge undertaking, and if you’re wanting to manage the sale without getting an agent on board, then you’re going to have to get creative. While agents can help move a property, they do take a large commission for doing so. As such, many people want to try selling themselves first, to see if they can and to save money. If you’re looking to help your home sell, these are 4 hacks that may make it easier for you. 

1. Drone Footage
Drones are amazing tools and in recent years they’ve become accessible to the general public as the costs have come down. Drones such as the dji action 2 make it easy for anyone to purchase a drone and take professional photos and videos, which is especially helpful if you’re wanting to market and sell your own property. Having drone footage can make it easier for prospective buyers to visualize pulling up to their new home, as well as allowing you to properly showcase the grounds and the property. 

2. Sludge Reduction
If you have any water areas on your property, then it may be worth investing in sludge reduction. Ponds, lakes, and even swimming pools that aren’t properly cared for can end up murky and sludgy, which actually will negatively impact prospective buyers. Investing a little in sludge reduction will help ensure your property looks its best. 

3. The Right Furniture
You’re going to want to either buy, rent, or borrow furniture to ensure the property looks properly staged. Small details like beautiful end tables can help showcase your home in the best light, making it easier for prospective buyers to envision their lives there, also allowing you to command a higher sale price. If you’re looking for beautiful home pieces, you can learn more about some of the options here. 

4. Get it Online
Online marketing is a great way to showcase your home, you can look into using Facebook ads to get your home in front of people actively looking to buy. But the best bet for selling it is to list your property on your local real estate pages. This will depend on the area as to what will be the best medium for your property but ask around. Having it online means you can easily showcase your photos, drone footage, and all the info about the property. 

Selling your own home can feel like a big undertaking, but you’ll save considerable amounts in agent fees. Hopefully, these hacks help you sell your home without too much stress. 

By Nick Vincent, December 1, 2021