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25 Minimal WordPress Themes for your New Blog

  • March 13, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
25 Minimal WordPress Themes for your New Blog

As time passes more and more website designers are relying on minimalist themes. These are simple, but leave a lasting impression with the user. In addition, they load much faster than more complex themes no matter what WordPress hosting they’re on. Let’s take a look at the top 25 minimal WordPress themes below.

1.) Kalium

This simple theme provides a graceful setup which is highly flexible to fit the website owner. It comes with 11 different demo templates, so there will always be one to fit whatever style the designer is going for.

2.) Elegant

This theme focuses on the content of the site by displaying it in a stunning visual way. It lacks the fancy animations and graphic elements of the complex themes, which makes it the ideal choice for a portfolio or blog style site where content is king.

3.) Fukasawa

This theme is ideal for collectors and photographers looking to show off their work in a simple way. It comes with a plain sidebar for easy navigation and a large display area for numerous works.


4.) Tracks

Bloggers will be impressed with this overly simple, but stunningly bold responsive theme. It allows for homepage blogging with a slender top navigation bar.

5.) Cubic

This uniquely beautiful theme offers a minimalist square setup. With even boxes in a three by three square setup, this theme allows photographers and bloggers alike to show off their top photos and posts for new users to quickly see.

6.) GK Portfolio

This theme offers a clean and elegant design that showcases the work of any designer or photographer. With a four width block of homepage visual displays, this puts an emphasis on your creative for clients to see first.

7.) Graphy

The aim of this theme is to ensure your blog will retain the same typography regardless of which type of device it’s accessed from. Its simple design allows for easy navigation and no distractions.

8.) Crawford

This minimalist WordPress hosting theme is ideal for avid writers. It showcases a no-sidebar homepage that focuses all the users’ attention on your written words. The option for a single theme header image allows the designer to showcase their individual style.

9.) Ryu

This clutter-free theme is a good choice for a personal blogger. It provides a simple picture and name at the top center of the screen. The rest of the page is reserved for showcasing the post, with notations made for the date and category.

10.) tdPersona

The perfect minimalist theme for bloggers, tdPersona puts your latest post front and center. A feature image for each post helps the viewer quickly establish the topic. The navigation bar is reserved for the top section of the page, allowing for a clean look.


11.) Jkreativ Lite

Perfectly viewed on any modern device, this theme boasts a simple left sidebar navigation menu and a full right screen masonry grid layout. This allows users to quickly view recent posts and chose the most relevant to their search.

12.) Qoon

Offering ten demo templates, this theme has a simple left sidebar complemented by a right screen scroll down effect. This theme is perfect for individuals looking for a simple outline who want the luxuries of various options to make it unique.

13.) Unit

Unit provides a sleek, but elegantly designed page. It uses a top navigation bar that is situated to the left, complemented on the right by simple black and white social icons. The main theme page displays many featured posts with short snippets of writing under the post’s featured image.

14.) Morning

Morning is a very simple theme with a top navigation bar that is shared with simple social icons. The homepage shows featured posts with a blurb of the writing under a featured image. Unlike many other themes, this one boasts a right sidebar.

15.) Stacker Lite

This is a grid-based theme that works to show off images for a photographer or designer. There are easily accessible social media links. The color scheme of this site is customizable for each user.

16.) Popper

The Popper theme provides a bit of uniqueness when it comes to displaying the author. It boasts a large page heading that has a thin section showcasing the author’s picture, name, and publish date. This helps readers personally connect with the author.

17.) HennyJ

This theme provides a patterned white space that allows for easy viewing of the homepage components. The top navigation screen saves room for a more open title area.

18.) Libretto

Libretto brings more of a classic style setup. With a top right navigation bar, this theme has a single, thin posting area in the center of the page that is encased in much blank space.

19.) Plain Blog

This theme is perfectly described by its name. There are simple blocks of sidebar sections and homepage posts. Each post is given a unique date that stands out in a contrasting color so viewers can locate newer posts quickly.

20.) BadJohnny

The BadJohnny theme is ideal for those who have a content heavy blog. It stripped away the sidebars and replaced them with clear white space. A simple center screen navigation bar will make it easy for users to find the right section.

21.) SoSimple

The SoSimple theme plays highly on white space and a light tone of font. Featuring a right sidebar, top navigation bar, and blogroll on the homepage this clean theme is very simple.

22.) Lifestyle

This theme has all the benefits of a white space minimalist theme with the added spice of a responsive image slider. This allows the website designer to showcase key images, while not taking away from the importance of the context of their site.

23.) Zoomify

Zoomify may be one of the most minimalistic themes there is. With a simple one-line top navigation bar, the rest of this theme is reserved for four short lines showcasing each post with no pictures to take away from its simplicity.

24.) Material For Coders

Provided as a starting theme for coders, this minimal theme offers and ideal setup for those looking to keep it simple. With a few different color options, this theme offers a full-width page template that showcases the content of the site. There are options for one or two navigation bars, both of which are found at the top.

25.) KeepWriting

This theme is meant for writers. This theme shows a large site title followed by each page title and a full-width page of text. There are no fancy sliders or sidebars to interfere with the context of the writing with this theme.

If you are looking to keep it simple with your theme then you should opt for one of the 25 minimal WordPress themes we’ve described above. These will ensure your viewers see the importance of your work, without being distracted by fancy sliders or animations.

By Nick Vincent, March 13, 2017