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Your Star Sign Could Influence your Organisation

  • February 15, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

Have you been continually vowing that this is the year you’re going to finally be more organised? Only to enter February with your room and bag a mess? Or maybe you’re naturally organised and just can’t understand those people who struggle to stay organised throughout the year. It turns out that your star sign could have a lot to do with exactly how organised you tend to be.

If you’re a Taurus, it’s likely that you’re extraordinarily efficient and organised. In fact, don’t be surprised if your motto is “a place for everything and everything in its place”. If you have office filing cabinets, it’s highly likely that your colleagues are envious of how well organised they are.

Virgos are also super organised, although they tend to get a little carried away when it comes to keeping everything organised. Expect to see numerous tips and tricks throughout their houses and office spaces that are keeping all their things organised.


Capricorn and Pisces signs are the ones you can expect to have kitchens stocked full of gadgets that make organisation easy. They’re not likely to be doing it themselves, but they do see the need to keep everything well laid out.

Sagittarius and Scorpio signs are likely to be hoarders, but are also likely to have a method to their madness. They may have a purse or wallet full of receipts, but at least those receipts will be well organised. If you’ve ever seen Antiques Roadshow, this is what you can expect from their attics.

Cancers and Libras enjoy organising, but are unlikely to do it simply for the sake of keeping everything perfect. These are the more arty types, and while their bookshelves are unlikely to be organised alphabetically, you can expect to see them in order of colour, since this is more important to them than efficiency.

Aries are the proverbial rams in the China shops. Their bags and purses are likely brimming with a bunch of different things, while their keys and purse may be buried amongst the junk and paperwork on their office desk. Gemini’s are the same, which is a shame since if they actually cleared out their wardrobe they would be likely to find a bunch of gems which they would enjoy wearing.

Leo and Aquarius signs are all about having fun, and unfortunately this fun will often mean they create mess wherever they go. They’re so enjoyable to hang out with though, that friends can forgive them for messing up their space whenever they visit. Expect to see glove compartments full of old fast-food wrappers from 3am burger runs with friends, and while their office desk is unlikely to look great on Monday, they tend to make an effort by Wednesday.

As you can see, your star sign has plenty to do with how organised you are. If you’re one of the messier signs, now you know why being organised is such a challenge for you!




By Nick Vincent, February 15, 2017