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Traveling on a Budget: Tips for Enjoying Yourself Without Going Bankrupt

  • December 19, 2022
  • By Nick Vincent
Traveling on a Budget: Tips for Enjoying Yourself Without Going Bankrupt

Traveling is an experience that most don’t get often. Let’s face it, even when you find the time to juggle some things in your hectic schedule, finding the money to plan a trip isn’t always that easy. Flights, rental cars, hotel stays, dining, and entertainment all cost money, and depending on where you travel to it can cost a lot. Simple packing is a key to keeping it easy while traveling so don’t forget to pack your new avatar shoes and think about wearing a bracelet with a watch for a classy look. While money matters might be keeping you from enjoying yourself throughout the year, there are some effective things you can do to plan the perfect trip without needing to take out a loan or file for bankruptcy when you return.

  1. Book Cheaper Flights

Airfare can take up a bulk of your traveling budget if you don’t know how to look around. The first step, of course, is to look for flights well in advance to get the best seating and the best deals. Other solutions include choosing the cheapest day of the week to fly. While you might think heading out on a Friday is your best option, often times, flights during the week are cheaper. Lastly, make sure you check local airline companies as they often offer cheaper rates than national brands.

  1. Choose Hotels with Lots of Amenities

There are various types of hotel options you can choose from. As you’re searching for hotels, however, do more than look at the price. While you’re trying to stay on a budget sometimes, paying a few extra bucks for a lot more amenities are worth the investment. For instance, some hotels in West Hollywood, like Grafton on Sunset, have rooms that come complete with a wet bar, mini fridge, and free wi-fi, which can save you some money on drinks, snacks, and the internet You can also look for hotels that offer free breakfast to save on your meals.

  1. Find Affordable Activities

You don’t have to hit every expensive tourist attraction to have a good time on vacation. If you’re on a budget, try to choose a destination that has a lot of free and/or affordable activities taking place. Many locations offer affordable tours, admissions to museums, and outdoor events that are free to the public like summer concerts, fairs, and more. Start researching where you’re going and find out what there is to do. Sometimes, checking out what the locals do for fun can be a lot more affordable than staying where all the tourists go. Look for hidden gems and fun places the masses may not be aware of.

  1. Eat Cheap

Instead of looking for the five-star restaurants in the area you’re visiting try looking for some more affordable dining options. Looking for local holes in a wall or even checking out reviews online through Yelp can help you to determine which areas are the best places to get some grub and more importantly, which are the most affordable. If you can, eat breakfast at the hotel if it’s offered to save more money. Try eating a small and affordable lunch and then if you want you can splurge a bit on the dinner.

  1. Use Public Transportation

There are a lot of destinations where a rental car isn’t necessary. Take for instance visiting Sunset Strip in West Hollywood or Las Vegas, Nevada. They have attractions positioned all in the same area minimizing your need for a car to get you around. Major cities also have mass transit systems that you can use to get around the area. Whether you take a bus, hop in an Uber, or catch a trolley into town it’s a lot more affordable than rental fees.

Saving money while traveling will require a bit of discipline and a lot of research. Do your homework on the area you plan to visit before booking or reserving anything. This will allow you to find the best deals on things you’re interested in doing. By finding a cheap flight, a hotel with amenities, affordable activities, cheap eats, and using public transportation, you’ll be able to explore a lot more of this beautiful world without having to go broke. 

By Nick Vincent, December 19, 2022