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Thoughtful Birthday Gifts That Wont Break the Bank

  • July 28, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
Thoughtful Birthday Gifts That Wont Break the Bank

If you’re like me, you often forget about birthdays until they’re a few days away then find yourself stressing over the perfect gift. If I’ve forgotten a birthday, chances are I have not set aside much money to buy a nice gift and find myself feeling a little worried about how to get a nice gift on a low budget in a short space of time. The saying goes ‘it’s not the gift but the thought that counts’ but if the person is someone close or special to you, you’ll probably want to get them a gift they love. I decided to write this post to help you think of some thoughtful birthday gifts that wont break the bank, but if you find yourself out of money and wanting to spend a little more SwiftMoney offer pay day loans that can save the day.

1) A Nice Lunch
This kind of gift is best suited to older friends and family members – those who are over 25 and feeling a little more sentimental. For example, there’s probably nothing your mum would love more for her birthday than a special little date just you two – or with your other siblings – some quality time and an opportunity to create some special memories. This is probably true for your dad, any grandparents, uncles and uncles. If you’re feeling particularly generous you can do this as a part of their gift, but I find that for many people it’s more than enough! If your budget is particularly low, why not invite the birthday person over for a special home cooked meal?

2) A Bouquet of Flowers
Of course they can range in price depending on your budget, but it’s possible to get some lovely flowers for $30-40 depending on the season and where you live. This is the perfect gift for a female family member as it shows them simply “I was thinking of you” and for many that’s a special enough gift.

3) Go In On a Gift
If it’s a friends birthday coming up and you have something expensive in mind, why not ask some friends to go in with you so you can bring the price down while still getting something your friend would love. Siblings can go in for gifts for their parents or other siblings. Going in together allows you to keep your costs low while ensuring the gift is of a good quality.

4) A Book
Many of us use ebook readers these days but there’s nothing quite like the feel of an actual book. If the person you’re shopping for is an avid reader, why not grab them a book or two. Bonus points if you choose a book they’ve mentioned they’d love to read or one you read and it made you think of them.
Gifts don’t have to be expensive but I personally love to buy something I know the receiver will treasure. If you’re interested in learning more about  #OccasionalSpending check out the cool infographic below:


By Nick Vincent, July 28, 2017