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Making Extra Money: Casino Etiquette

  • May 3, 2019
  • By Nick Vincent
Making Extra Money: Casino Etiquette

Casinos are extremely opulent environments with reputations for attracting some of the wealthiest risk takers in the world. However, they are open to everyone but if you’re considering visiting one there are certain things you need to make sure you do so that you don’t stand out from the crowd. If you would rather stay at home, then you can easily check out something like this live casino. Sometimes, it’s nice to stay inside and enjoy your own company. However, if you prefer to be sociable then you should go out and just have fun as a casino.



Casinos are high risk environments where people are extremely tempted to try to cheat to win big, especially if they suffer some losses and become frustrated. Therefore, the casino or ‘house’ has to be extremely vigilant when it comes to keeping a close eye out for any suspicious characters or behaviour. To avoid becoming victim to more complex, pre-meditated crimes, casinos have strict privacy policies. Because of this, it is deemed very poor show if you use your mobile phone or take photos. This would be classed as suspicious behaviour so to avoid being targeted, make sure you switch your phone off and refrain from taking any photos while you’re inside the casino.


How you dress is important when you visit a casino. In order to create an enjoyable environment for their customers, casinos often create elaborate, luxurious environments for their players. Gambling is taken very seriously due to the high-risk nature of it and the huge exchanges of money that take place, so it is important to respect this by dressing appropriately. You should follow black tie rules for the higher-end casinos, so dress as smartly as you can. This will also help you to be perceived as a sensible, responsible player and you will be more welcome at game tables.


Casinos often encourage players to have a couple of drinks to make them more willing to take higher risks however, if you take it too far and become unruly you will be asked to leave. It is in your best nature to retain full control over yourself as the consequences of not doing so somewhere where you could lose a lot of money are dangerous. Similarly, it is important to behave in a professional, respectable manner, even if you experience a big loss. Pay attention when the dealer is explaining games otherwise you will be the victim of your own misbehaviour and being a distracting influence on others can have serious consequences in such a high-stakes environment.

To further avoid embarrassing yourself, make sure you are familiar with how the casino chips system works. Chips are to be purchased at game tables but before you do so, make sure you’re aware of the minimum bet you can place. Additionally, it is impolite to simply hand the dealer cash so instead you need to place it on the table in front of you, for the dealer to collect ad exchange for chips when they can. Lastly, make sure to tip the dealer when you exit a game, this only needs to be around $5 though.

Learning the rules of casino etiquette is important if you want to blend in. Leave your technology at home, dress and behave appropriately, and make sure you understand the chips system. For more advice when it comes to money making ventures, take a look at

By Nick Vincent, May 3, 2019