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Key Factors That Encourage Healthy Living

  • September 26, 2022
  • By Nick Vincent
Key Factors That Encourage Healthy Living

With good health, you can achieve a lot – think better, perform well at work, live longer, and be happy.  There are key factors that lead to healthy living. These factors have a ripple effect on your body. People who know these factors and use them enjoy better health. Here are key factors that lead to optimum health.

1. Diet
You are what you eat. The quality of your diet is the quality of your health. Diet affects your digestion and your body’s ability to fight diseases.  People who take time to plan their diet and eat good and balanced diet enjoy better health than those who do not. You need to watch what you eat. To prevent eating junk foods, you need to take the time to develop a diet plan that includes all the essential nutrients and amino acids your body needs as well as protein, fibre, and carbohydrates. You could even buy mushroom capsules, and other supplements, to give your body a little extra boost where you feel you need it and help support its normal everyday functions. 

2. Sleep
Sleep enables your body to disengage, calm down, and recharge. You need to get enough sleep to stand a chance of getting better health. Adequate night sleep will increase your energy levels, make you more alert, think sharper, and keep your heart in good shape. Researchers have discovered that getting enough night’s sleep slows down ageing

3. Exercise
Exercise is often neglected by our workaholic society until it’s too late. Regular exercise is a key health factor that if neglected for too long can have dire health consequences. Exercise has a compound effect and affects other key factors, such as eating well and sleeping better. Regular exercise enables blood and oxygen to circulate well in your body, make you alert, change your mood positively, reduce cholesterol, control stress, and help you maintain an ideal body weight.

While some people have the motivation and energy to complete a workout, others may need an extra boost. If you are this person, you may wish to make use of something like an Activated You coupon code and see if an energy-boosting supplement could be the key to leading a healthier and fulfilled life. Either way, you should try and exercise as often as you can. You will definitely feel better for it. 

4. Work
Work helps to create a healthy balance for the body. People who dreamt for years of finally retiring from work often discover when they reach that point that doing nothing can be depressing. Work does more than engage us physically; it engages our mental faculties, gives us a sense of purpose, and makes us happy – which are all essential ingredients to health.

5. Play
Play is not beneficial to children only, but also adults. Research shows that when adults play, it releases endorphins which make us happy and boost our immune system. Play also helps you to be more creative and energetic, frees up the mind, and improves memory.

Most people erroneously think that play is a waste of time, that they should rather be working to make more money to cater for their families, entertainment, and finance their dreams. But according to psychiatrist Stuart Brown, “Play is a basic human need which is as essential to our well-being as sleep. So when we’re low on play, our minds and bodies notice.” If you find that you are too busy to wait a long time to get a health check-up from your GP, using private health insurance to get an appointment will get you seen and checked over quicker. 

There are many adults plays you can engage in to tap its therapeutic benefits such as video games, bubble blowing, flying kites, dancing, drawing, comedy, and so on.


The above five key factors of healthy living – diet, sleep, exercise, work, and play – are inextricably linked. A change in one factor affects the rest – for good or bad. To enjoy great health, you need to keep all factors in sync.


By Nick Vincent, September 26, 2022