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Important equipment for your work or home office:

  • February 9, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent

How to be more productive in the office

What equipment should you get to make your life easier in the office?

Desk essentials

Time is money. Your time is precious. But choosing the right equipment for the job can save you time. Start by ensuring that you use the most efficient and durable tools to reduce administration and filing time.

Hole Punch

In addition, you will also need a Heavy Duty Hole Punch, so you can file away those important documents quickly and easily. A good-quality model, made from stainless steel, with a non-slip grip, will let you punch 2 holes in up to 65 sheets of paper at the same time. A sturdy and durable punch will make your filing faster and more efficient, enabling you to keep invoices, bills and important documents neatly hole punched and organised in a folder.



No office desk should be without a professional and durable heavy-duty stapler. With a strong handle and rubber grip, it should be ergonomically comfortable to use. A heavy duty stapler should be capable of stapling together up to 120 sheets of 80gsm paper and use flat-clinch technology to reduce paper stacks. With an indicator and an easy-to-use refill mechanism, these features will save you valuable seconds each time you use it, which adds to minutes and hours saved during the course of a business year.


There’s little point collating and organizing papers if you don’t file them away systematically, so they are easy to locate in the future. A hardwearing and heavy-duty folder will store up to 600 sheets of A4 paper, keeping them organised. A reinforced spine and shock-resistant edges will ensure the folder will withstand heavy use. Timesaving features (like easy insert labels and simple opening/closing mechanism) will make your life easier and save you time. Space-saving features, like the ability to fold the cover back, may help to increase workspace in meetings or allow a laptop to sit alongside the folder in a constricted workspace.

Punched Pockets

No office should be without durable punched pockets, featuring multiple pre-punched holes that are reinforced with a filing strip. These transparent wallets are another item of office equipment that will make your life easier and help to store and protect important documents. Long-lasting wallets, made from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will enable you to organise and file those invoices, bills and crucial documents. Compatible with most ring binders, the punched pockets protect documents from dust and dirt, and use anti-static technology to prevent ink from lifting off the page onto the pocket. The top opening enables you to access documents easily in a folder, while good-quality pockets are also Anti-static and Anti-glare.


If you take time to do a task, you don’t want to waste time repeating or redoing that task again. This is where a professional laminator can laminate and protect those important documents, awards and signs that promote your integrity and inspire confidence in your business. An easy-to-use laminator will warm-up quickly, saving you time. With a simple operation, it will laminate up to A3-sized single documents, producing a high-quality finish for those frequently handled and important documents.

These are the essential bits of equipment you should get to make your life easier in the office.


By Nick Vincent, February 9, 2017