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Easy Tips for Saving More Each Month

  • November 30, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
Easy Tips for Saving More Each Month

With the state of economy today, and with the world going into a very consumerism-oriented “mode”, money-saving should not be an option – it should be a must for everyone out there. Otherwise, the sad and life-altering financial issues of post-2008 might very easily crawl back into our backyards and get us back on the road to economic depression again.

Saving money can feel difficult when you don’t have much of it to begin with and when you are used with a lifestyle of spending a lot on things you don’t actually need. However, it can be done. You have full control over your finances and you have the power to save money and make your dreams come true!

…And, with a few hacks, it can be actually easy to save more money, live a better life and be a happier you.

What are some easy ways to save more each month? Read on and find out more!


Reduce your power bills

Like it or not, your electricity bills make for a large part of your monthly spending – so try to reduce them with as much as possible. Sure, this doesn’t mean reverting to the Middle Ages and living your life without modern comforts, but a bit of attention to detail will harm nobody.

For example, did you know your chargers continue to use up energy if they are plugged in, even if no device is plugged in at the other end? Plugging everything off when you don’t use it can save you some serious money in the long run. Likewise, not stuffing your refrigerator to 100%, replacing your light bulbs with LED power-saving options, making the necessary repairs to your A/C and heating systems when they are needed – they will all help you reduce your power bills in considerable ways.

Reduce your food spending

You cannot live without food – and proper, nutritious dishes are key to a healthy lifestyle. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t save money on your food bill too. Making very clear grocery shopping lists, to ensuring you plan your meals ahead, buy foods in bulk and purchase local and seasonal varieties (some of which you can freeze for the winter too), using coupons and many other “tricks” can help you save lots of money on the grocery bill.


Set a goal

With the Olympic Games this summer, we have all learned some pretty powerful lessons – and one of the most important ones is that everything is possible. Yet, do you think any of the gold-winning athletes we have seen this summer has ever worked without a clear goal in mind? The perfect jump, the fastest run, the smartest soccer goal – they all happened because these sportsmen and women aimed high.

Take this lesson into your financial life as well. Set a very clear money-saving goal for each month and do everything in your power to achieve it. The higher you aim, the more you will win! Become the Olympic winner of your own finances and re-gain control over your spending!

By Nick Vincent, November 30, 2016