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Easy Money Hacks for Reducing your Food Bill

  • November 2, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
Easy Money Hacks for Reducing your Food Bill

Whether we like it or not, the food bill makes for a large part of our monthly spending – so saving as much as possible (and still staying healthy and satisfied) will definitely come as a priority for just about anyone.

How do you do it, more precisely? How do you save money on your food bill and not compromise on the quality of what you eat? Here are some tips to help you navigate the sometimes-tempting aisles of your supermarket, pantry and refrigerator:


Organize everything in your kitchen

It will not only make your life more comfortable and cleaner, but it will also help you see exactly what you have, what you don’t have and what you need for your food stock. Organize your refrigerator in a way that keeps it only ¾ full – this will save money on the energy bill as well. Organize your pantry in a way that keeps everything within reach (and within count). Organize your entire kitchen to make yourself feel great there, and to feel more attracted to the idea of cooking meals at home, rather than ordering take-out.

The active grocery list can really help

Want to make sure you always have the basics around your house, so that you can cook healthy, nutritious and budget-friendly meals? Keep an active grocery list! In simple terms, this is a grocery list you update every time you run out of something – be it tomato sauce, beef stock or wheat flour. The more you do this, and the more you stick to your grocery list (rather than allowing the supermarket temptations to take over your impulse buying tendencies), the more money you will save!


Plan your meals ahead

Sit down every Sunday, look at what you have around the house, see what the sales offers are in supermarkets, and plan a weekly meal plan that fits all of the above. Don’t forget to take your nutritional needs into account too!

Eat fresh, local, and seasonal

That frozen food section in the supermarket? Avoid it altogether! It’s really bad for your health, it can make you over-eat without even noticing and, most of the times, it offers absolutely no nutritional value. Except for some frozen vegetables (which, by the way, you can freeze at home during the summer and use during the winter), the frozen foods aisle should be a complete no-no for anyone.

Instead, buying fresh, local and seasonal foods can have a great effect on your overall health. It can also help you cook more delicious dishes (and thus feel more satisfied with them and not feel the need to eat out as much). Last, but definitely not least, it will be food that has actual nutritional value and helps your body stay young, healthy, fit!

Getting accustomed to these food bill reducing techniques might take some time – but once you get the grasp of it, you will see just how much better your life is and how much money you will save!

By Nick Vincent, November 2, 2016