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Best Exercises to do in Your Hotel Room

  • June 11, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
Best Exercises to do in Your Hotel Room

Travelling can truly be a life-changing experience – and while you definitely want to enjoy all the beauties and all the charm your travelling locations have to offer, it is also important to remember that keeping your body healthy is more important than anything.

How to do that, though? How to exercise when you are away? Here are some exercises you can do in your hotel room:

Warm Up

Never start a workout with anything else than a warm-up. Not only will this burn at least a few extra-calories, but it will also warm your muscles for the workout to come – and thus, it will reduce the risk of getting yourself hurt during the exercise.

A few jumping-jacks, a few lunges, a few body-weight squats, a few push-ups – these exercises don’t need much space and they don’t need any extra pieces of equipment either, so you can definitely do them in the hotel room.


The Travel-Friendly Exercises

Once you’re done with your warm-up, start your actual work-out. Some of the hotel room-friendly exercises you can try include:

  • One-arm luggage rows (work on these the same as you would with “normal” rows, but use your luggage instead of an actual weight).
  • Crunches (normal and reverted).
  • Squats (which, yes, you can use as a warm-up and as an actual exercise)
  • Incline push-ups (and you can use the edge of the bed to support your hands for these)

Every person is different and we all have different fitness levels – so do as many as these as you feel are necessary for you to stay fit. Don’t cheat, though! Remember, cheating on your exercising routine means that you are ultimately cheating on yourself – so be very fair with your workouts and your body will be fair with you!


The Special Exercises

If jumping-jacks and crunches are not exactly your thing (either because you don’t like them, or because you simply cannot do them due to chronic pains and other conditions), you should know that there are many other ways you can exercise in your hotel room. For example:

  • Yoga is extremely helpful from a number of points of view. While it may not be the best weight-loss exercise (unless it’s practiced in combination with a cardio exercise), it can definitely help the joints move better, it can help with the flexibility and with the overall fitness leves. Furthermore, it a great practice for those who suffer with anxiety and stress. Last, but definitely not least, it’s easy to practice in the hotel room, as long as you are familiar with your routine.
  • Pilates can also be great to practice in a hotel room. It can help you sculpt your body, improve your flexibility and your fitness level as well. However, do make sure you will not hurt yourself and that you take all precautions to ensure your back is comfortable throughout the routine (maybe even pack a small mattress with you).

Remember, you should always check with your physician when starting a new workout, so be sure to do that and stay safe when exercising!

By Nick Vincent, June 11, 2016