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8 Reasons Why AutoBlogging Doesn’t Work

  • May 1, 2017
  • By Nick Vincent
8 Reasons Why AutoBlogging Doesn’t Work

There are conversations online about bloggers making a lot of money by using autoblogging software. The idea behind autoblogging is to simply pull in content from other sources and repost it on your site. Your blogs will be sponsored by either your own ads, Adsense placements and affiliate links, or a combination of all of the above for monetization.

This sounds like a good idea since it eliminates the need to create content. The selling point is that even if you don’t get a large amount of traffic from the search engines, you can mass produce these sites and make money through volume. This usually involves using multiple web hosting providers and using software programs to auto install WordPress onto the web hosting platforms. If you’re sold on this idea, here are eight strong reasons why this strategy doesn’t work.

Reason #1: You Can Get Caught for a Copyright Violation

When you use autoblogging, you’re automatically pulling content from unknown sites. If you happen to pull a piece of content from a business that is protective about their content, then you might face legal trouble. The business may take you to court and sue you for a copyright violation. You may think that other businesses would want their content to be shared. However, many businesses want their content used in the right context and will not like the idea of you using it solely for your own profit motives.

Reason #2: You Will Never Build a Brand or Business

At the end of the day, it’s better to build a brand and a business that you can scale. You have to think about whether it’s better to invest so much time and money into generating temporary profits through the autoblogging method or better to invest in building a solid business that will last into the future. It just takes too much energy to make this autoblogging strategy work and in almost all cases, it’s better to invest your time into building something of substance.


Reason #3: Your Sites Will Eventually Be Found and Penalized

As time goes on, the search engines are getting better at finding low quality sites. Previously, it has taken the search engines some time to find and delist these low quality sites on their index. But now, the search engines are finding and delisting these sites at a faster rate. Eventually, it will be hard to gain any kind of traction using the autoblogging strategy.

Reason #4: Search Engine Algorithms Don’t Support These Types of Sites

You’re probably already aware that the algorithms are not designed to help these kinds of sites thrive. Even if you start getting results from a network of autoblogging sites, you’re facing an uphill battle. A simple change in the search engine algorithm can hurt your sites and you will have to develop a new strategy to get these types of sites ranked again. And let’s not forget that the search engines are updating their algorithms frequently.

Reason #5: Quality Content is More Important Than Quantity

Another big problem with autoblogging is that you can’t always keep track of the content you are pulling and reposting to your site. Creating and posting high quality content is far better than posting tons of low quality content in large volumes. Quality content gets shared on social media, community sites, industry sites and on other blogs. Low quality content usually gets ignored and does very little in helping your search engine rankings.

Reason #6: Other Users Will Report You

You can’t ignore the fact that the search engines are constantly being browsed by your competitors. If other website owners see one of your sites getting ranked for their target keyword and see that you are using an autoblogging strategy, they’ll manually report it Google. Your site may be ranking well for a keyword one day and get reported the next. The search engines may also target your web hosting provider and blacklist the sites on the host from getting listed in their index.

Reason #7: Affiliate Merchants Will Punish You

Many people use affiliate marketing to monetize the autoblogging strategy. What you need to be aware of is the fact that many affiliate merchants care about the quality of leads/customers and where their business is coming from. If they find that you are using strategies that they don’t support, they can freeze your earnings and ban you from their program or network. They may also find that the quality of the leads or customers are not good and decide to discontinue their partnership with you.

Reason #8: It’s a Losing Race

Ultimately, the autoblogging strategy is a losing race. You’re trying to work a numbers game but it is a game where you’re going to get penalized and have to start the whole process again. It’s a much better idea to learn how to create great content, market your blog, connect with your audience and build partnerships. This will do far more for you in helping you build a successful blog and will translate to other types of digital businesses.

In conclusion, autoblogging sounds like an attractive business model. Many marketers will try to sell it to you as a set it and forget it strategy. They omit the fact that it’s not feasible in the long run. Instead of paying attention to the hype, focus on the fundamental strategies that makes a blog or website work. It’ll serve you better in the long run.


By Nick Vincent, May 1, 2017