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5 Simple Tips for Travelling Alone

  • October 5, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
5 Simple Tips for Travelling Alone

Travelling can definitely be a life-changing experience – and yet, many people avoid travelling alone, for fear that it might not be as enjoyable as travelling with a loved one, a partner or a friend.

In truth, though, travelling alone can also teach you one thing or two about yourself, your limits and how you can actually have the time of your life when you are on your own. And yes, it can be more than enjoyable too.

How to make it happen the best way? Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Stop Thinking You Are Alone

You are not that alone, to be more precise. If you have chosen to travel alone, you most likely picked a touristic destination many people travel to every single month of the year. Hence, there are many other like you, experiencing that place for their first time, wandering around town, learning new things about that culture and infusing themselves with the location’s finest foods, traditions and beautiful spots.

Stay Safe

No matter what, make sure you are safe. That hotel located so far away from downtown city? It might be cheaper, but what assurance do you have that it is located in a safe neighborhood? Better pay more and be completely safe, than save money and feel like you have to watch your back!


Blend In

Speaking of safety, the more “touristy” you look, the more you will look like a good target for pickpockets and other malevolent individuals. Try to blend in with the locals, avoid asking strangers about directions (you have Google Maps, so it’s more than likely that you can find everything on your own). If you really have to ask someone, make sure you don’t go to the first man or woman you see on the street – look at them, see if they seem trustworthy, and only then ask your question.

Don’t Carry Cash

The best way to look like the perfect target? Carry around a lot of cash and make it noticeable. Try to use your credit or debit card as much as possible when travelling alone and make sure you keep it safe, in your wallet (and your wallet somewhere close to your body, where you can instantly feel it if it disappears).

Follow Your Common Sense

In general, your common sense knows when something’s not right – so following your gut instinct is, most of the times, a good idea. If something feels fishy, or too good to be true, back off and take a better look at the issue.

Your common sense can save you from a lot of unpleasant situations – so stick with it and you will most likely stay out of trouble!

More than anything though, enjoy your solo travelling! There are a lot of benefits to it too! From the fact that you won’t have to drag along anyone who’s not interested in that museum you had your eyes on when you made the booking, to the fact that your mistakes and your victories will be truly yours, there are many advantages to travelling alone – so be happy for experiencing them!

By Nick Vincent, October 5, 2016