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5 Essential Interior Decor Tips For A Teen Girl’s Bedroom

  • March 16, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
5 Essential Interior Decor Tips For A Teen Girl’s Bedroom

Is your teenage daughter hoping to have the room of her dreams to relax in, hang out with friends in and get her schoolwork done in? Putting together the ultimate teen girl bedroom may seem like quite the tall order, but it can easily be accomplished by following a few essential interior décor tips. Whether your teen is into funky removable wallpaper and floral wallpaper or simply wants to start hanging up twinkling lights for a more magical feel, there are a few simple changes you can make that will transform her room.

1. Redo the Wallpaper or Hang Up Some Personalized Art

Bare walls can drag down the aesthetics of an entire room, so you may want to consider making the most of available wall space. If your daughter’s room hasn’t had a change of wallpaper or paint in a while, for instance, you can easily make that change to lend the entire space a brand-new feel. You can also put up some eye-catching wall art decor like paintings, posters, motivational signs and more.

2. Revamp Bedspreads, Pillows and Blankets

If your daughter’s bedspread is starting to get old, faded or threadbare, now is the perfect time to revamp them. Look for colorful options that will work well with the rest of the room, and consider coordinating the spread with other throw pillows or blankets. She’s sure to appreciate the added comfort and style!

3. Redo the Color Theme To Reflect Her Unique Personality

Not every teen girl is into pink, frilly room themes, so make sure whatever theme you and your daughter choose for the room reflects her personal style. You can coordinate different elements of the room for a truly cohesive feel! For instance, consider choosing a color palette with several key shades and spreading those different colors out among:

  • The blankets
  • The wall paint or wallpaper
  • The curtains

4. Use Free Space as a Viable, Functional Homework Spot

Although aesthetics are important when decorating a teen girl’s bedroom, she’ll likely have to get plenty of homework done in the room as well. To make homework time a little easier, consider converting free space, like one corner of the room, into a little work area complete with functional features like a comfortable office chair and a desk organizer for all her supplies.

5. Add Small Décor Touches To Tie the Space Together

Finally, adding in a few decorative touches can really help to tie the space together. Décor is the perfect place to let your daughter’s personality shine through, so you may want to hit up a home décor shop or a thrift store together to find fun options like twinkling lights, new curtains, drapes and an elegant frame for the bed, colorful throw pillows and more. You can also add small potted plants, framed photos of family and friends and other personal details!

Every teen girl dreams of a room all her friends will be jealous of, and with these straightforward interior decorating tips, you can make it happen quicker than you think. Between cool new wallpaper, personalized decorative touches, revamped bedding and a functional workspace to boot, your teen is sure to be thrilled with the new bedroom style.

By Nick Vincent, March 16, 2021