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5 Benefits to Working From Home

  • April 17, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
5 Benefits to Working From Home

With the Internet now available mostly everywhere in the world and at decent speeds, and with Millennials taking over the job market, working from home is finally a reachable dream for many of us. Surely, like everything else out there, working remotely can have advantages and disadvantages – and you should obviously consider both sides before asking to work from home.

What are the benefits of working at home? Here are 5 of the most important ones:

It’s less costly

Working from home can have a seriously positive impact on your finances. Just think of it! Think of all the money you are paying to drive to and from work (or to go by bus), think of how much gasoline that means, think of the costs associated with driving your car more – and you will realize that in one year, you could save some serious money just by working at home.

Imagine what a great vacation that means, how much improvement it would mean for your home or how much pampering it could mean for you and for your entire family!


It’s less time-consuming

Waking up, getting ready, putting the makeup on, travelling to work – this can total hours of your day. Time you’re not doing anything actually productive, you are definitely not enjoying, and you are never getting back.

Depending on where you live and on where you work, you can save hours of your day by working at home.

It gives you a sense of freedom

Although this varies a lot from one employer to another (or on whether you are employed or a freelancer), working at home cam make you feel a lot more free. The fact that you can wake up when you want and work at the hours that make you the most efficient is alone a great factor to consider when deciding on whether or not you should work from home or not!

Plus, working from home means that you can virtually work from anywhere. From a house in Iceland, or from Rome, from a beach in the Bahamas or from the comfort of your own bedroom.

It gives you more time for yourself

Remember all those hours you saved up by not travelling to work? You can use that time to work out, read all those books you’ve been meaning to read, watch all those movies you wanted to watch and even cook all those delicious, healthy meals at home. Working at home means that you get a lot more time to spend doing the things you love – and that’s something that will positively impact your overall mood and your health as well.

It gives you more time for the loved ones

Regardless of whether you have a family or not, you will definitely love the idea of having more time to spend with your children, your relatives, or simply your friends. Hours and hours of fun, of feeling natural near those who love you and of spending quality time with them – now, that’s a truly priceless gift!

By Nick Vincent, April 17, 2016