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4 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

  • December 31, 2019
  • By Nick Vincent
4 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip
I love traveling by car and whenever I can do a road trip over public transport, I always try to make it happen. One of my favourite ways to travel overseas is by adding in a road trip at some point, it allows you to see the country more intimately, gives you extra freedom to stop and take photos whenever, and with enough forward planning can often be economical, especially when traveling in larger groups. If you’re thinking of doing a road trip in a new city, check out these top 4 tips for the perfect road trip:

1. Snacks

I’m a big believer in snacks! I think it’s important to have enough decent snacks in the car so that you can sustain yourself through larger chunks of driving, without having to stop and paying a lot in inflated restaurant prices. The type of snacks you take will depend on your dietary preferences, but I suggest thinking about snacks that are higher in fat and protein to satisfy you longer. I find nuts to be a really good snack, as well as nut bars, and cheese sticks. Fruit can be a good option too, I try to choose grapes instead of crisps to ensure a bit more nutritional value.

2. Maps

You’re going to want to have some kind of map system so you can see the best route. I personally really like Google Maps, although if I’m traveling through Latin America I find that Waze seems to have better time estimations. If you’re arriving in a new country where your phone wont work, the first thing you should do is grab a sim card so that you can access your preferred maps anywhere and everywhere.

3. Good Music

This is one of the most important things for a good road trip. If you’re traveling alone for whatever reason, you might even prefer to have an audiobook playing so that you can ‘read’ while on the road. If you’re on a road trip with friends or loved one, then choose a playlist with a ton of good sing along songs so you can make the trip more upbeat.

4. The Right Car
Choosing the right car is easy now that we have the Internet and awesome comparison websites like Trustpilot. You can easily read through the reviews that others have left to find the best rental company. Here are my top 5 choices:

1. Miles Car Rental
82% of reviews give this company 5 stars, showing that most people are extremely happy with the service they received and the car they rented, stating that it was exceptional value for money. Some of the most common comments are that the reserving process is very easy and that the staff are really friendly.


This is another company that leaves their customers really satisfied, with over 83% of reviewers rating 5 stars. People love that the staff are so friendly and happy to explain everything so they don’t have any doubts before leaving with their rental car. Many of the clients are so happy with the service they are repeat clients, not only because of the great service but because they offer really competitive pricing.

One of the biggest pluses to this company is that their website is easy to navigate, making online bookings a breeze. You’re also able to arrange other travel needs on this website, such as flight tickets and hotels.

This is another simple site, with many of the clients happy with how easy it was to make reservations. Other people say the search option is really easy to use and really intuitive. This is particularly helpful for people without much experience with online reservations.

Some of the comments compliment the website for having quite a lot of options, allowing clients many different choices for their holiday. Others commented that it was really easy to do their reservations through this website. People have also said this is a good option for non USA residents.

Road trips are such a fun way to see more of this beautiful country and world. Use these 4 tips to make your next road trip even better!

By Nick Vincent, December 31, 2019