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4 Special Gifts for a Coffee Lover

  • May 28, 2019
  • By Nick Vincent
4 Special Gifts for a Coffee Lover

If you have someone in your life that loves coffee then you should consider buying them a coffee related gift. The great thing about choosing to get them something related to coffee, is that there are a number of price points you can work with so there’s no pressure if you’re working with a smaller budget. As someone who is obsessed with coffee, a coffee related gift is a super thoughtful present that shows you know what they love and are thinking of them. Here are my top 4 special gifts to give a coffee lover:

1. An Espresso Machine
This is going to be the most expensive gift on this list and for good reason. A professional coffee machine is a wonderful way to transform a home or office into a mini cafe! Nothing quite compares to the rich taste of a piping hot espresso, so it is really the ultimate gift for a coffee lover. If you’re thinking this would be a perfect gift for your loved one, then why not check out Anthony’s Espresso for some wonderful machines. As this is a more expensive gift, you might find it smart to ask your friends or family members if they want to contribute towards it to make it more affordable for everyone.

2. Vouchers
Does your friend or family member spend so much at Starbucks, they should probably own shares in the company? If so, this is a lovely little pick-me-up gift that I’m sure will be appreciated. The other great thing about buying coffee shop vouchers is that you can choose an amount that fits within your budget. Even a $10 Starbucks card is enough for a delicious drink and something to eat, perfect for the person that’s impossible to shop for.

3. Coffee Delivery Service
Did you know that you can get coffee delivered to your home or work place regularly? I can’t think of anything better! It’s a sad day in my house when I unexpectedly run out of coffee, so setting up a regular coffee delivery service is the perfect way to avoid this. Nate’s Coffee brand offers regular coffee delivery that you can schedule whenever you need to, ensuring you’re never low on coffee.

4. A Special Mug or Flask
One of the biggest trends at the moment is focusing on how we’re impacting the environment. If you or your loved ones drink coffee regularly, then chances are that they’re using a ton of paper or plastic cups. These single use cups just find themselves quickly in the rubbish bin, many unable to be recycled. As such, investing in a reusable coffee cup can go a long way in reducing your environmental impact. They can also make lovely gifts as there are a wide range of options available, from trendy tumblers to KeepCups which are perfect for take away lattes. You can even look on Etsy to get personalised options which make for wonderful gifts.

As a coffee lover, there’s nothing I would like to receive more than a thoughtful gift focused on my favourite addiction! I’m sure any of these gifts would be greatly appreciated.

By Nick Vincent, May 28, 2019