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4 Industries That Are Likely to Boom in 2022

  • December 1, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
4 Industries That Are Likely to Boom in 2022

If you’re looking for a career change, it makes sense to focus on what’s going to be in demand in the coming years. There’s nothing worse than finishing a degree or a course, and realizing there’s actually no demand for whatever you studied. The pandemic has changed a lot of things, from how we study, right through to what industries are looking to boom in 2022. Keep reading to learn my best guesses for what industries will be hiring in 2022. 

1. Virtual Events
With the pandemic in full swing, virtual events have replaced the in-person events that we are all used to. Virtual events can work well for conferences, webinars, internal events, and event concerts. If you’re going to create a virtual event, then you’ll want some great software to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is the best virtual events solution on the market, and I’m sure it will make your event management even easier. 

2. Food Industry
After restaurants were shut down for the better part of 2020 and 2021, people are craving the experience of eating out. Whether you pivot and offer in-home dining experiences, or look to work in a traditional restaurant setting, I imagine the food industry will boom in 2022. If you’re interested in working in the food industry, then now is the time to study so that you’ll be qualified in the next year or two and able to make the most of the increase in demand for dining options. The food industry is exciting, with plenty of things to learn and wonderful tools you can purchase such as this fillet knife

3. Transportation
Right now there are transportation delays across the world – many things are taking much longer than usual for shipping. This is affecting supply chains around the world. But the upside to this is I imagine that 2022 will prove to have a high demand for transport-related industries. This means if you’re looking to pivot industries, changing to a transportation field could be very lucrative. You may want to learn about how to use heavy duty rollers for moving equipment to learn about transporting extremely heavy loads. 

4. Tourism
I think with people feeling more confident now with vaccines and countries opening up, that tourism is going to slowly creep back up to levels we were used to in previous years. The issue though, is that many people who used to work in the tourism industries have had to find new employment, meaning there’s likely to be an excess of tourism-related jobs in the coming years. This could be a great opportunity if you’ve always wanted a job that’s more interesting and doesn’t have you stuck inside an office 9-5. 

These are my top picks for the 4 industries that are likely to boom in 2022. Are you interested in moving into any of them? Let me know in the comments below. 

By Nick Vincent, December 1, 2021