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3 Ways to Refresh Your Thanksgiving Outfit from Last Year

  • November 1, 2022
  • By Nick Vincent
3 Ways to Refresh Your Thanksgiving Outfit from Last Year

Sometimes it might seem like the dress code for Thanksgiving can be a little unclear. Some families feast in their PJs. Others prefer dressing up in their Sunday best. Some families have no dress code at all–and you can come dressed any way that makes you feel comfortable. No matter what your family’s dress code ideology is, you might be wondering how to freshen up last year’s outfit so you can reuse it without looking exactly the same. Here are three ways to refresh your Thanksgiving outfit from last year for this year.

1. Change Out Your Shirt or Add a Layer

The biggest thing you can do to refresh your outfit is to simply change your top. If you wore a t-shirt last year, surprise everyone with a patterned button-up. Maybe you always wear flannels, so go with a new sweater, this year. You could also layer over the top your wore last year. Add a vest or a sweater over the top of your original shirt to give it a whole new look and feel.

2. Add Some New Accessories

Sometimes to refresh an outfit, all you need to do is add a few accessories. Did you wear a plain boring belt last time? Mix it up and add a stylish and functional Lizard Tail Belt to your outfit, this year. Lizard Tail Belts are made from sturdy rope and come in many colors and designs. It also doesn’t need to be tied around your waist or bucles because it utilized knotless technology. This allows you to easily adjust the belt out for a more comfortable fit after your Thanksgiving feast.

Lizard Tail Belts are also incredibly helpful as a talking piece. It’s sturdy and will hold your pants up while saving you from awkward conversations. For example, if someone tries to ask you an awkward question like when you’re getting married, if you’re having another baby, or they just want to gossip about other family members, you can distract them by talking about your awesome new belt. If you already have a go-to belt, you can always switch out accessories such as shoes, hats, watches, and socks to give your outfit a more refreshed look.

3. Try a New Hair Style

While changing your hair isn’t directly part of your outfit, it can be a fun way to mix things up. If you’ve been brunette for years and walk in as a redhead, it’ll make your outfit be an afterthought. If you don’t want to color your hair, consider trying a new style or getting it cut a little differently. It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but it can give your whole look a refreshed new feel.

Hopefully these theee tips give you a few ideas for your Thanksgiving wardrobe—and who knows—maybe it’ll help you escape an awkward question or two from family members. Mainly just remember to enjoy the meal and time with family because that matters much more than your outfit.

By Nick Vincent, November 1, 2022