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3 Things You Should Always Splurge On

  • December 1, 2021
  • By Nick Vincent
3 Things You Should Always Splurge On

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been busy setting aside as much money as possible into savings. I’ve been really frugal this year in order to reach my saving goals but there are a few things that I think it’s always worth spending a little more on. From skincare products to the right hat to keep yourself safe from the sun, spending a little more on these things can keep you healthy and safe. Here are my top 3 things you should always splurge on. 

1. Skincare
As we age, the type of skincare we use becomes more important as our skin loses a lot of its youth, elasticity and wrinkles appear. There are so many different types of skincare, but the main ones you’ll want to add to your daily routine are sunscreen and a daily moisturizer. You can pick something that suits your budget and skin type, but in general, spend as much as you can on this as it will help improve your skin and maintain your youthful appearance. For women especially, spending a little more on skincare means you can save on makeup. If you’ve recently had a tattoo, then you’ll want to invest in some tattoo aftercare, and you can learn more about its benefits. 

2. A Great Hat
When you find a hat you really love, it can make all the difference! Not only does it make keeping your facial skin safe from the sun easier, but it can add a lot of personality to your outfit. You can even go as far as having a signature look. I really enjoy cowboy hats because not only do they pack a lot of personalities, their brims make for excellent sun coverage, helping your skin as you age, You can learn more about some great ladies’ cowboy hat options. 

3. Therapy
Almost all of us have some issues we could work through in therapy. If it’s something you’re interested in exploring, then I always suggest setting aside as much as you can to find a therapist who really resonates with you. You want someone you can really trust and that gives you helpful feedback so you can work on healing yourself. There are so many different reasons to get therapy – some of them include working on hang-ups from your childhood, processing trauma and loss, and working on healthier communication within a relationship.

There are some things where it’s just worth spending a little more to get the best quality. Another thing maybe the best robotic total station which you can learn about at that link. 

By Nick Vincent, December 1, 2021