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3 Reasons to Try Airbnb

  • September 3, 2016
  • By Nick Vincent
3 Reasons to Try Airbnb

Travelling is one of the finest things in life! Not only do you get the chance to take a break from your routine, but you also have the amazing opportunity of seeing great places, experiencing beautiful cultures and knowing inspiring people – and all these things can be truly life-changing, no matter who you are.

Travelling has changed a lot in the past few years, with the Internet becoming a true encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to teaching people how to travel safely, responsibly and happily. What’s more, the Internet has also opened the doors to new travelling styles too – which has enabled many people to finally do this their own way.

Air BNB is a result of the Internet Age – and a truly wonderful one indeed! Why is it that so many people choose this as their accommodation option, and what are the reasons to try it at least once? Read on and find out more.


It’s way less expensive

Imagine yourself in Paris, paying thousands of dollars on the accommodation only. Or in Miami, staying at a decent hotel and emptying your pockets at their reception. Or in any other part of the world, if you want to stay there more than a few nights.

Air BNB is the answer for people who want to reap all the benefits of travelling low-cost, without the inconveniences that frequently come with it. By renting an apartment or a house on Air BNB, you will most likely spend a lot less than by staying at a hotel. Add this to the fact that you can cook your meals at home when travelling, and you will end up saving a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on expensive hotel rooms and dinners out in town.


It’s actually safe

Renting apartments on Air BNB doesn’t just happen. The owners are verified, the apartments themselves are reviewed by previous travellers, and you have the option of leaving a very bad review if you are not pleased with your experience too.

In general, an Air BNB is a lot safer than a hotel in a remote part of the city, or even than a hostel (where it might be fun for a while, but where you can never know who it is that you are going to meet).

It’s comfortable

An Air BNB apartment or house will provide you with all the comfort you get at home: a proper and private bathroom, a bed that’s only yours, a room you don’t have to share with strangers, a kitchen where you can cook inexpensive meals when you don’t want to spend money at the restaurant, a TV, internet, and all the other things you would have at home.

Plus, Air BNB’s with good reviews are generally very clean and they are treated as businesses in their own right – so customer satisfaction will be of absolute importance for the owner. Therefore, it is quite unlikely that a decent-priced apartment or house on Air BNB is a really bad experience.

By Nick Vincent, September 3, 2016