336by280 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

If you are looking to get a custom Facebook landing page, I recommend finding a great designer (that won’t cost you a fortune on oDesk – the freelance marketplace.

Facebook has quickly become a worldwide phenomena quickly becoming the 2nd most popular website in the world (after Google and according to Alexa.com), and in quite a few countries it even outranks Google in popularity.

This should definitely be reason enough to see the need for creating a Facebook page for your blog.

I find it extremely strange that so many bloggers have a Twitter account but not a Facebook page – wouldn’t you want to take advantage of over 400MILLION (and counting) users (read If Facebook Were A Country)

So how do we take advantage of this amazing opportunity with our blogs… do we just post links to our latest articles to our personal Facebook wall, or is there a better way?

Facebook Pages For Blogs

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spam my latest blog posts onto my personal Facebook page where it frustrates all my friends and relatives that have no idea even what a blog (or even care). That is why I created a Facebook Fan Page for StandOutBlogger yesterday and also set up a landing page (which I will do a post on later) to funnel fans into my success blogging e-course.

I wanted to take everyone else through the whole process…

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

1. Create Facebook Page

step 1 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

In the left sidebar of your personal Facebook profile click on the tab ‘Ads and Pages’. This will take you to a new page that looks like the inset image above, click create page to start things off.

2. Select Page Type

step 2 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

There are a heap of different page types that you can create, but unless you are looking to brand yourself as a public figure (like Darren Rowse of Problogger), you are going to want to select ‘brand, products, or organization‘ and then scroll to the bottom of the drop down to find website, and then give your page a name. I suggest just going with your website name (I chose StandOutBlogger as my page name for this blog).

And as long you are are the authorized representative of your own blog, then tick that box and then ‘Create Official Page‘.

3. Make Your Page A Home

step 3 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

Right now your page is going to look a little bit empty. Make sure you add an image (you can use an image of yourself or your blogs logo), I used an image of myself because I wanted to make the page more personal – plus it starts to brand me as a person. After you have done that, make sure you add some information about your blog.

4. Find Static FMBL App

step 4 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

In the sidebar of your new Facebook page you will find a tab to ‘Edit’, click this and scroll to the bottom of the page to more applications, click browse more. (Static FMBL shows under in the picture, because I have recently used it).

step 53 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

On the applications page you are going to have to conduct a search for ‘static FMBL’.  then on the search page select ‘Static FBML by Facebook‘.

5. Add Static FBML To Your Page

step 6 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

Click ‘Add to my Page‘ and then in the popup select the page you would like to add this app too.

6. FBML Application Settings

step 7 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

After adding the application to your page go back to the edit tab and scroll down until you find the ‘FBML Static’ app. Click ‘Application Settings‘ and swap the current settings so that you have removed ‘box’ and added ‘Tab’ (because we want to create a new tabbed page as your Facebook landing page.

7. Add Coding For Facebook Landing Page

step 8 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

I changed the box title to Welcome because that is what the first page they see will be, and then inserted the code that I wanted to display. Currently I have have a single image with a redirect to my success blogging e-course but I am looking to make it a bit more interactive shortly. Save changes and you are almost done!

8. Set Landing Page

step 9 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your BlogBack in edit again, find ‘Wall Settings‘ and click ‘edit‘ to expand the box.From the second drop down menu select your new page (Welcome) to be the landing page. Then below that are some permission settings, I chose to allow people to write on my wall, they are not able to add links, photos or videos – this just keeps everything nice and clean.

9. Become A Fan Of Your Blog’s Facebook Page

step 10 How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Blog

This one is just common sense, but if you like your page, then it automatically gets added to all your friends feeds and you will have a couple of new fans by the end of the day – just by doing this.

10. Promote, Promote, Promote

Now that your blogs Facebook page is all done, it’s time to fry and get some fans. So make sure you post about it on your personal Facebook (unless you don’t want friends and family know about your blog), Tweet about it, and write about it on your blog. Start things with a bang and try and start building momentum to your first 100 or 1,000 fans!

Make Sure You ‘LIKE’ the StandOutBlogger Facebook Page!

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