**UPDATE: I’ve been inside the plugin, so check the bottom of this post for the first Keyword Winner review of the actual product!

I am sure you probably all have heard about this brand new SEO plugin called Keyword Winner – that is about to hit the market!

Created by my good friend Dan Lew (read my interview with him), Keyword Winner is already getting some amazing buzz, by some of the big name bloggers and internet marketers

Keyword Winner isn’t launching for a couple of days, but I just wanted to give you a quick run down on what  the plugin does, and a few other interesting things you will want to know!

First things first…

1. What is Keyword Winner?
2. Why do I need it?
3. And Have I even tried it yet?

What Is Keyword Winner?

keyword winner ecover medium1 Keyword Winner SEO Plugin   Launch Info (Now With Video Review)Keyword Winner is WordPress plugin that does one thing brilliantly.

It finds you low competition keywords for you to use in your post titles.

Now, that may not seem like much, but what if I told you that as you started to write out your blog titles, that this plugin quickly get’s to work to spit out a list of great keywords (related to what you are writing about), that do not have very much competition in Google.

All you have to do after that is work that keyword into your title, and with little effort, you could be ranking in Google and getting a nice trickle of passive traffic (search traffic).

A trickle doesn’t sound like much, but what if Keyword Winner allowed each post of yours to get visited 2-4 times each day  – even after it had been pushed below your home page? Multiply that by even just 100 posts and you have 2-400 visitors daily just from search traffic!
keyword winner Keyword Winner SEO Plugin   Launch Info (Now With Video Review)

Why Do You Need Keyword Winner?

If you are happy with your social traffic? Or you prefer to manually search each blog title idea in Market Samurai then don’t buy Keyword Winner.

But, if you are looking for a new way to simply increase your search traffic then this is one plugin that you should definitely consider.

Have I Tried Keyword Winner Yet?

I am going to be completely honest and tell you that, no I have not had a chance to use Keyword Winner yet – but that is only because Dan Lew and his production team are the only ones using it at the moment.

HOWEVER, I have been talking with Dan and he has promised me a copy to trial later tonight – so that will give me a couple of days before launch to test the product (and the results), so that I can give you a completely honest review (which I will also post on my Keyword Winner review website).

A Special Bonus!

One thing I have learnt from being a part of a few product launches now, is that the best way to get people to purchase a product through you link, is to offer a bonus. So that is what I decided to do!

As you know, and the people on my list have seen. I have a product that I have been working on that will be up for sale on ClickBank soon (hopefully next month). A lot of stuff is being added, and product names and sales page is frantically being created – so you will have to wait a couple of days – BUT I will be giving a copy to anyone who purchases Keyword Winner through my link (even before my product is officially launched!).

So, stay tuned for my full review, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

My Keyword Winner Video Review