We’re moving to Canada!

For those of you who have missed my spamming of Twitter with this most amazing news, that is exactly what my little family is doing.

canada travel blog Is There Room For Another Travel Blog?After spending 3 months in Huntsville, Ontario for our (working) honeymoon in 2009, we said to ourselves, that if we ever get the opportunity too move to Canada – we would. So with my business/income being solely from my online ventures, and Isabelle (our daughter)  being old enough to fly (she just celebrated her first birthday!), we have decided that now is as good a time as any to take the leap.

We Have One Way Tickets & A Lot Of Goals!

A couple of weeks ago we booked our flights and in late February 2012 we will be flying to Los Angeles and then 5 days later we take the final leg of our journey to Toronto.

With no return tickets, we are going with the plan of ‘at least 12 months’ and if we love it, we will stay longer.

We are going to be living in the Muskoka region (which is said to get EXTREMELY cold), which just so happened to be listed as National Geographics’ No 1 Best Summer Trip Location of 2011, but have a whole list full of trips and things we want to do which we like to call our ‘Canada List’ (Kinda like a bucket list).

With grand plans of seeing everything that the Northern Hemisphere has to offer, considering how long away we will be staying and the fact that I just love a good reason to start a new blog – I came up with the grand idea that now would be the perfect time to start a travel blog!

Why We Would Want To Start A Travel Blog…

  • To Keep Family & Friends Updated

    This was our first point and something that we consider really important. While we will have skype to chat with family, we can’t constantly keep everyone up to date with what we are doing in a detailed way (Facebook will be suffice for most people). So whether we do a fully fledged blog or not – we are definitely going to have one just for family and friends.

  • To Keep A Journal Of Our Time Away

    This move is massive for us, and something that we want to remember for the rest of our lives. A blog is the journal of today and having such a detailed look at our time away will be something that we can look back on.

  • To Share What We Learn About Long & Short Term Travel

    There are plenty of people wanting to travel (both long-term and short-term) who use the internet to search for answers to their questions. Already we personally have had to work through a lot of things ourselves with choosing the right visas, searching the best ways to travel with a young child, and when you add in the mental aspect of moving overseas  – I am sure that already we have a lot to give.

  • To Give Me A Reason To Take A Heap Of Photos On My New Canon EOS 60D Is There Room For Another Travel Blog?

    A more selfish reason, but I love my camera and since I already am starting to take photos of everything, it would be great to have another reasons (and canvas) to display the photos that I take.

  • Business Opportunities/Income

    While making money from this would be well down on our list of reasons, I will obviously SEO all our content (because that is just what I do), and if we do create this travel blog then we will do it well. I could see the opportunities to review travel related products, attractions and even accommodation.

This is quite a positive list that makes me just want to jump out and start the blog today, but there are a couple of niggling thoughts that are holding me back.

Reasons To Give The Travel Blog Idea The Flick…

  •  There Are Already A Gabillion Travel Blogs

    I know that is a made up figure but travel blogs are the flavour of the month (or year) , and already there are so many that it makes me wonder if there is anything that we could add into a such a noise filled niche.

  • Another Blog That Requires My Time

    While I have got much better with my time management, I’m not sure if I really want to give up more of my time to working online (another blog). The one note I will make on this point is that my wife Fiona (her Twitter) will do her fair share of posting on the blog, and her sister and fiance (will be husband) will be joining us in Canada for at least 6 months – so we may have two additional writers.

Over To You…

So I have said my piece, albeit a lot longer than I expected, but I want to hear from you.

  1. Does The Internet Need Another Travel Blog?
  2. What Would You Like To See From A Travel Blog?

Love to hear your thoughts…