30020 11 Things I Do On Lazy Days...

I am having a lazy day today. I didn’t have to work and don’t really feel like thinking that much, so I decided to share a few things that I like to do when I don’t feel like working!

Here is 11 things that I did on my lazy days – In no specific order (Too lazy too!):

1. Wrote Songs
As you would know from by post comparing ‘Building A Famous Blog To Writing A Hit Song‘ I am passionate about song writing. Lately I have been writing a lot on my guitar as my Yamaha Motif 7 keyboard is currently at church. Today I spend a good couple of hours on writing a couple of pages of new lyrics, fiddling on the guitar working out chord structures, and trying to find interesting melody lines.

I didn’t get anything finished today, but I did get some ideas for a couple of new songs.

2. Played The ‘Be A Tycoon’ Facebook App
I only recently joined facebook in the last week, but have become addicted to a game called ‘Be A Tycoon‘. The idea behind it is to buy and sell companies to increase your wealth. Well in the last two days I have gone from $6million to over $300million. With these numbers you can obviously see why I am addicted!

3. Found Random Blogs To Comment On
Today I commented so much more than I usually do. Because I just blog hopped from one blog to that blogs commenters. I found a heap of interesting (and strange blogs), so many that I would never have found normally.

4. Stayed In My Pajamas
It is winter in Australia, and I must admit I love wearing my warm track pants as long as possible. Since I had no pressing engagements I actually staying in my pajamas until about 1pm!

5. Ate A Lot – But Nothing Decent
I have to say, I am terrible at this. I just go straight to the cupboard, find whatever lollies, chips, chocolate etc are there and start eating. Who cares about lunch. But then again I did have lunch because my friend called me and said he wanted to grab some lunch so we went and got a healthy hot dog and shake for $5 from Wendys.

6. Updated My New iPod
I am so happy to finally get my new black 8gig Ipod nano. Before that I only had a 1gig shuffle and I lost the connector to the computer so I couldn’t recharge it. The only thing was my iTunes was chocked full of duplicated entries and songs that I don’t even like. So I spend a good hour or more cleaning out my songs and podcasts before uploading them all.

Just so you know I currently have 2.4gig of songs and 1 gig of podcasts.

7. Thought About How I Really Should Go For A Jog – Don’t Still Don’t!
Even last night I went to bed thinking I will get up early and go for a jog along the beach.

8:30am: Woke up and thought to go for a jog – checked my emails instead

9:30am: Decided to have breakfast instead of going for a jog.

10am: Started doing all the above mentioned items and the idea of going jogging got lost for the rest of the day.

8. Thought About How Glad I Am That I Have The Day Off
I must say, this thought crossed my mind quite frequently today. Usually when I was on msn chatting with friends and they were asking why I was at home. It frequently brought a smile to my face – thinking about this much needed day of rest I had been waiting for.

9. Thought About How Much Money I Won’t Have Because Of Not Working
But then things took a turn and I started thinking about how much money I was loosing for not working and it kind of counteracted all the good feelings I had been having. It is a good thing that I have trouble concentrating for long periods of time because usually as soon as the thought entered my head it was gone.

10. Got A Haircut, Just Because Your Friend Is
As I was having lunch with my friend he mentioned that he really needed a haircut. Considering he hadn’t really had one for about a year I was obliged to agree. I had been planning on waiting until the middle of August when I get back from my holiday in New Zealand to get a hair cut for myself. Because you see not only will it be cold and the extra hair (mine was getting pretty long – ie fringe was over my eyes and hair covered my ears), plus snowboarding is all about style and I really wanted to have hair flowing out of the botton of my beanie, flowing in the breeze – in my hope of being labeled cool. However this was not meant to be as I found myself telling him that I would join him in getting a hair cut.

However I must say I am pretty happy with it. I kind of feel naked with how short it is, but I still have my fringe (some would call it emo).

11. Wrote A Random Post Like This For You All To Comment On!
Then it suddenly gets to 9pm and you realise you have 160+ readers who have been eagerly awaiting a blog post from you, and the best you can do is come up with a list of things to do on a lazy day!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. It is totally counter to my usual style, as I think this is my first full personal post – don’t worry, they will be very few and far between because I don’t want people to find out all my bad habits!

I’d love to know what you do on the days that you just don’t feel like doing anything. So hit me up with a comment!

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