banner 250x250 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals

I was a bit bored today so I sent an SMS to my friend asking him if he was up for some exercise. I gave him two options:

  • Tennis
  • Mountain Climbing

He chose mountain climbing, and we decided climb Mount Tibrogargan and arrived at the foot of the mountain at 1:45pm. With a recommended climb time of 3 hours we knew for sure we would be back down before dark – so we set off.

As we climbed and we struggled against things like the scorching heat and poor fitness I started thinking about how much climbing a mountain has in common with accomplishing our goals. So I decided to share them with you – and include a few pictures from our climb (using my new Sanyo Xacti Camera)

  1. Know Your Target
    1 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    When we were deciding which mountain to climb, I told Cody (my friend) that I wanted a challenge, so he decided to suggest Mount Tibrogargan which as you can read on the sign above ‘Is for experience climbers only’.Knowing that this climb would challenge me, I decided to do a bit of research before we left. I found out how high the mountain was and how long the climb was estimated to take. I needed to know these facts to make sure that we would have enough time to complete the climb – I needed to know what we were up against.

    It is exactly the same with blogging. As each new challenge or goal comes our way, the first thing we need to do is ‘Know Our Opponent’ – just like we had to know the mountain we were climbing and a sportsman or team needs to study their opponents. We need to know our goals and where we are heading.

    Do you know your target?

  2. Have The Necessary Tools To Achieve Your Goal
    2 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    As we got ready to leave we both filled our water bottles over 5 litres in total, made sure our shoes were good enough for mountain climbing and had a backpack (the one cody is modeling above) to put the water and our phones/keys in – we were set! Or were we?

    When you are looking to accomplish your goals you need to make sure you have EVERYTHING that you need, or you will just make things harder on yourself. One thing that we realized we had forgot about halfway up the mountain was food!

    What do you need to achieve your goal?

  3. Don’t Travel Alone3 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    I know this one seems so obvious, but so many people jump into their projects, set their goals and then tackle it – alone! I don’t understand why people do this. Lately I have really had the desire to actually do some form of exercise, especially since work has taken a break over Christmas – I am not really doing any physical activity.But I havn’t done anything. Not that I havn’t planned too, I constantly set my alarm at 5am with the goal of going for a jog along the beach before I get started for the day but I just cant seem to motivate myself to actually do it. this is why I decided to get a friend to come with me:

    • To keep me accountable to actually doing what I’ve said I will.
    • To keep me motivated
    • To have someone to share the journey with
      There is nothing worse than doing something for the first time, or completing one of your goals – and no one was there to experience it with you. You can always retell the story to others but it’s not the same as having someone who was their with you.

    This is why with my blogging goals for 2009 I decided to post them for you all to read. In fact this is the reasoning I listed:

    1. So You Know What To Expect
      I don’t treat my visitors as customers that I just try and flog any product to in the hope of snagging myself a commission. I value the relationships I have built through this blog and I’d prefer to think of you all as part of the StandOutBlogger family!So, since you are now part of the family, I wanted to let you know where we are heading so you can know what to expect over the coming 12 months -and hopefully if you havn’t already, it will encourage you to subscribe so you don’t miss a minute of it! Because it will be exciting!!!
    2. To Keep Me Accountable
      I could easily write up some goals and keep them to myself, but where is the accountability? I have found when I have done this I will get to the end of the period of time, not be anywhere near meeting my goals and when somebody would ask me how my goals went, I’d reply, ‘Yea good, I think I hit most of them’. (Just being honest)Putting my goals out in the open, where you all can see – and check back on when I post my results at the end of next year, will make sure there is no, ‘Yea good, I think I hit most of them’. Instead I will have to give exact answers.
    3. To Keep Me Motivated
      Some people don’t seem to get motivated by written goals, but this is usually because they are not written in the right way. If you stick to the SMART goal setting formula you are sure to come away with goals that will keep you pumped all year long!I am the type of person that gets sidetracked really (i mean REALLY) easily, and I lose drive for a project just as quick – so staying motivated is always one of my biggest challenges, but I am sure these goals will have me excited icon biggrin 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals (You will be too when you read them!)

    Who are you travelling with?

  4. Set Smaller Targets To Achieve Your Goal
    4 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    I was one told the following statement, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’

    That is exactly what we needed to do with our mountain climb. Considering it was the middle of summer and we are note exactly the fittest people in the world, I will admit we did struggle. We lost our breathe, we got tired, we were hot and worse yet – we could never see the top!

    Don’t you hate it when you set a goal, but it always seems out of sight.

    How do you motivate yourself to achieve those goals that just seem so unreachable? You set smaller steps that will lead you to your goal. With our mountain climb we would continually set small goals like:

    • When we make it to that shade, we will stop for a drink
    • When we reach that platform we will stop and admire the view and take photos

    Small goals that kept us motivated to our goal!

    What small steps are you taking to reach your goal?

  5. Don’t Give Up
    5 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    I had the perfect photo for this point pretty much the same as the picture in point 3, but with us having sweat dripping off our faces and looking like we were going to die – but cody made me delete it. So I added a picture of part of the climb.

    So many times during the climb we wanted to give up.

    • When we started to get puffed
    • When we started to get hot
    • When we started to get hungry
    • When we started to get tired and sore

    We has so many opportunities to just give up, but we didn’t! We wanted to reach the top and we were not going to let anything stop us from getting there.

    No matter what comes up to challenge you…Don’t give up!

  6. Look Back Only To See How Far You Have Come
    6 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    As we were climbing, the only time we ever looked back was when we stopped for a break. There was no better feeling stopping for a break, grabbing a quick drink and then walking to the edge and looking back at how far we had come.

    It was such a motivational boost to look down at the ground getting further away, my car getting smaller and the view getting better! I know a lot of times when we are struggling we look back at what we left behind – the comfort, and wish that we had never set such ‘unrealistic goals’.

    But I challenge you. As you push towards your goals, only look back to see how far you have come – and let it motivate you towards your goal.

  7. Enjoy The Journey
    7 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    Sometimes I think that we get so focused on achieving our goals that we just put our heads down and pursue our goal like a lady with her eyes set on a sale rack! But I don’t think that’s how it should be. I honestly believe the fun is not in achieving the goals but instead in the journey towards the goal.

    The goanna above, we noticed on the side of the trail, it just stood their and posed for us as we took photos. We could quite easily have missed it – it wasn’t noisy, but we didn’t because we decided at the start that we would enjoy the journey.

    Don’t get so caught up in the end target that you miss the journey!

  8. moz screenshot 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About GoalsRevel In Your Success
    8 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    We were so excited when we finally reached the top of the mountain! We suddenly were no longer tired, the heat didn’t bother us and all we wanted to do was get the typical ‘top of the mountain photo’. That was the prize we gave ourselves for reaching our goal – because it is something that we couldn’t get unless we did!

    My point here is, when you reach your goals – reward yourself! It doesn’t have to be anything huge but make sure you do not just achieve your goal and then move straight onto your next one. Have some fun, celebrate a bit and revel in your success!

  9. Reach Your Goal Then Take A Break
    9 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    Now we knew that once we got to the top and took a few photos we still had the return leg to go, but we were happy enough to take a break at the top and spend 15 minutes just sitting around having some fun and just catching our breathe before we started our journey back down the mountain.

    This point is usually forgotten because as soon as we reach one goal we are taught to set a new target and start working towards it. But you deserve a break – so take it! Sure some people might call you lazy, but they are probably the ones who didn’t even meet their goals.

    Promise me that when you achieve your goals, you will take a break – just a short one, to gain your breathe before tackling a new goal.

  10. Sometimes The Way Down Is Harder Then The Way Up
    10 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals
    Trying to follow up your success is sometimes harder then achieving your goal in the first place. Trying to keep the momentum going, tackling new obstacles that arise because you achieved your goal – I was actually a bit worried about climbing down the mountain.Just before we started heading down Cody said to me:

    Be careful on the way down, because a lot of people lose focus on the way down and that is when the most accidents occur.

    And that made a lot of sense. After coming of the ‘high’ of achieving your goal you can easily get distracted and lose focus – which is not a good thing when you are coming down from a mountain. One wrong step and you could tumble 50-100 meters. One moment of distraction one our way down from achieving our goal and we could lose all our hard work.

    As you start your decent from reaching your goals, stay focused!

I know this has been a long post, but I know with 2009 around the corner everyone is setting goals and I really wanted to give you all a few points that could really help you in achieving them!

And by the way, you know how I mentioned that the recommended time to climb the mountain was 3 hours? Well we did it in 1hr 45min (including the 15minutes at the top!).