After the success of my first niche site challenge, where I set myself a goal of $1,000/month from new niche sites within 8 months (which I achieved and have continued to grow). I figured that it was about time to start building a couple more niche sites again so why not set myself another challenge.

First The Back Story…

In October 2010 I was getting a bit complacent with my online business and decided I needed to really ramp up my workload. To keep myself motivated I set myself a challenge to create a brand new $1000/month niche site income from brand new sites by the end of July 2011.

After a slowish start and quite the rollercoaster ride in the middle, I hit my target a month early and just this last month (July 2011) I have actually doubled it – making $2,000 in July from sites I had created since the start of the challenge.

While I will continue to maintain these websites, I have tossed up the idea of selling my two biggest earning sites from the challenge (about $1,500/month), which would result in a niche house deposit or pay for our move to Canada but soon realised that it would take too big a chunk out of my online earnings to be an option at the moment.

Which Is Why I Plan On Doing It All Again!

So I decided, that before I can consider selling these two sites (both in the same niche, so would sell together), I needed to have a couple more sites that were well on their way to taking their place in my portfolio.

This is why I am kicking myself back into overdrive and firing up a brand new niche site challenge that will hopefully see my with growing, profitable replacements by the time we pack up or lives and move to Canada for 12 months (which is March 2012).

So Whats The Challenge This Time?

I learnt a lot from my last challenge about what works and what doesn’t so I am setting some specific criteria to the challenge this time that will keep me focused and give me the best chance of achieving my goal again.

Here is what I am going to achieve:

  • Create A $500/Month Niche Site Income From New Sites By March  7, 2012.

    Once again 8 months, but this time I have halved the target monthly income. I did this because my focus will be on building premium niche sites with a huge focus on quality over quantity. They will be build slower  than usual but with a focus on long term profit. This means that the focus will be on content before profit and while I may hit it lucky and reach my target monthly income (TMI) before March, if I do then I will just adjust my TMI higher.

  • Achieved By 4 Sites Within The Same Broad Niche (Networking)

    A couple of things that I learnt from my last challenge was that to many sites spreads your focus to wide and also having a couple of sites in the same niche can be very beneficial for both interlinking and directing hungry visitors to more information. This is why I have limited this challenge to just 4 websites, within the same niche – and I won’t be buying any new domains until the challenge in completed.The domains were purchased earlier this week and I am currently getting the first one installed and themed up (ready for content).

  • Start Building Next Site After Previous Site Is At Least 1 Month Old And Getting 100+ Search Visitors A Month

    I really struggle with working on multiple sites at one time, so when I have a couple of sites to work on, I like to spend a couple of days to a week on one site and then alternate my work onto another site (giving the first site a chance to find it’s feet in Google and just have a rest).So to make sure that each of the 4 new sites have a solid head start, I will work on one site at a time, get them ranking, begin the trickle of search engine visitors (minimum of 100/month), before I give it a chance to settle by moving on to set up my next site.

  • Focused On Clickbank & Adsense For Income

    While my online income has really started to diversify between a growing number of affiliate networks, one that I have never really been able to master is Clickbank. Sure I get a $500 check from them every 3-4 months, but I’ve always had the goal in my head to see a figure like that monthly from then, so I was excited when I saw a lot of great products in their marketplace that were related the niche I was targeting.So I have decided to put a big focus on Clickbank for this challenge, but will also be adding my new best friend (Adsense) to these sites as well. 

    $500/month works out to about $17/day, so I either need a Clickbank sale a day or about 34 Adsense clicks (at 50c/click – guess). Hopefully with both networks it will make the goal a little easier.

Follow My Journey…

Over the next 8 Months, I am planning on doing regular monthly updates on traffic/income as well as hopefully sharing some juicy posts on some of the things I am learning along the way that will help you with your niche sites.

So if you want to keep up to date with what I am doing you can: